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Submitted by Apollo1 743d ago | news

Xbox One Deals: Xbox One Console $479.99, LIVE 12M Gold Card $39.99, Madden NFL 25 $39.99 and more

Xbox One weekly deals and sales from Microsoft, Amazon, Frys, Groupon, Best Buy and Target. (, Best Buy, Madden NFL 25, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Microsoft, Thief, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Xbox One)

andrewsimons  +   743d ago
Wireless Controller w/ Play and Charge Kit for $59.99 is a great deal.
UltimateMaster  +   743d ago
Not much of a deal if you ask me.
PS4 controller already has the battery, so when it is on sale, it is much lower.
And 20$ off on Xbox One? Meh.
jacobvogel  +   743d ago
Is Madden NFL terrible?
RetroEddie   743d ago | Spam
edgarohickman  +   743d ago
Best Buy also have Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership w/ $10 code for NFL Shop for $39.99
Tom87  +   743d ago
Great saving on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
RetroEddie   743d ago | Spam
GusBricker  +   743d ago
I already have my Xbox Live stacked until 2018, I think. Damn good deal, tho!
stuna1  +   743d ago
This is how it started off for the WII U! First they slashed $20 dollars here and there then tried bundling it with games or accessories and what not, trying to move units. already Xbox1 sells have slowed enough for retailers to know that 1 the channels are stuffed to capacity, and 2 the Xbox1 is not selling as quick as the competitor.

Although the retailers have bought Microsoft Xbox1 stock, the demand will work against Microsoft in the long run, because retailers will lower their order amounts if they are unable to move what they already have! Lowering the price is putting the retailers in a bad position because they are ultimately the ones taking the loss.
ThePope  +   743d ago
*Cough* fanboy sheep *cough*. Sales of both are slowing. The Wii U never sold out of the gate. Shows how very little you know.

We are less than 8 weeks in so no one, I repeat NO ONE knows what the long run will be.

On top of that the Xbox One is great. And is selling fine. I'm sorry that makes sheep like you sad. But the facts are the fact. And I do t care thereon shelves. They still sell. Just cause something is available for purchase does not mean it doesn't sell.
rebeljoe14  +   743d ago
Guess what, the pope is a sheep too for a imaginary fairy tale religion
ipach  +   743d ago
wii u definitely had a decent first month, like 900k or something in 6 weeks. but yeah, then it fell off a cliff...

microsoft has its work cut out for it. microsoft is probably hoping titanfall can be this generation's halo - the title that moves consoles. but I don't know... halo was a true exclusive; titanfall can be played on PC and 360. If i wanted the best graphics, I'd probably prefer playing it 1080p+ on PC. If I didn't care about graphics and whatnot, then why wouldn't I just pocket the money and play it on 360?
aragon  +   743d ago
cmon man please, so if theres was a sony sale on stuff wouldnt it be nice of them? theres always a ms sale this time of year and i think in april, u just have to look out for it, its a good thing they are reducing their prices its good for business and dude please dont try to predict some kind of business strategy that xbone is failing, im sure they have calculated this, whats wrong with a sale? I love sales its good for regular people with kids like me and responsibilities aint nothing wrong with that, i wish sony would take 20 bucks off ps4 because my son wants one for his birthday in march
stuna1  +   743d ago
Sheep is that all you can come up with!? All I can say is pathetic, because someone has a different opinion you just like others resort to childish antics, but yet I'm the sheep??? When the WII U first released it did sell out! Plain and simple.

Of course I see what you issue though! You're one of those so called gamers who as soon as things are not as bright and sunny as things were forcast, you want to run around like you're the victim. Please spare the drama, a disagree is not the end of the world for me, because to me you're just like any other keyboard warriors looking for a cause, but yet as clueless as the majority of them.
CaulkSlap  +   743d ago
Brand new console getting a retailer price cut to move units. That's a very bad sign for Microsoft.
ipach  +   743d ago
seems awfully early in the generation indeed... that Wii U launch curve is probably haunting Microsoft's marketing execs for sure. If the Wii U can fail even with mario and zelda games out there, can Halo and I dunno, Quantum Break, actually right the ship? Does Halo even have the same pull as it used to? Don't people know that Bungie is coming out with something else?
optimus  +   743d ago
@caulkslap...Well seeing as how i don't have either one and i don't plan to get either one anytime soon i would like to point out the hypocrisy within your statement...

i seem to recall the ps3 undergoing several price cuts in less than a year of release (granted it was due to new model releases but still) it was only after those price cuts that it's sales began to pick up steam because it was then competitively priced...
The same tactic could work for microsoft now, especially if it's close to potential blockbuster releases.
Personally, i'll pick up whichever one comes down to $300 1st which could be by the end of this year or sometime next year.
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CaulkSlap  +   742d ago
Yeah PS3 was not selling well at launch price. I don't see why you just assume I would deny that. Just saying that any new hardware doing well should be selling out enough for retailers to have no incentive for a price cut. I mean we're just now at 2 months.
optimus  +   742d ago
I didn't assume you would deny anything, but you did say it was a bad sign for microsoft and i pointed out the similarity in the release of the ps3, which could have been perceived as a worse sign seeing as it was a world wide price drop. Frys (or anyone else) doing this "sale" could just mean they have an overstock of xb-1s and they did not move as well as they expected them to... If they do begin to sell at that price then i'm sure it's something microsoft is keeping a close eye on...i don't think it's anything to worry anyone... It's still too expensive for me though.
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JeffGUNZ  +   743d ago
Uh, it's a SALE, not a price cut. Wow, so now sales are bad if MS has one, eh? I can't wait for Sony to have a sale and everyone praise how good they are for reaching out to the masses in an economic recession. Man, this site is priceless!

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