All Age Gaming Podcast Episode 25 - Is 2014 the end for Nintendo?

Paul from All Age Gaming writes "This week on the All Age Gaming podcast the team returns after a much needed break fresh and ready to tackle 2014 and what a better way than to discuss the latest gaming news from around the globe. This week, Nintendo announces massive forecast changes and revises its estimations downward for the Wii U and 3DS. Is this the end of Nintendo? The AAG team discuss some of the current issues surrounding the Big N and also what Nintendo could do to turn things around. In other news Titanfall to have no micro transactions and the Last of Us Single Player DLC finally gets a release date. Also, the team have a quick discussion as to what games they are most looking forward to in 2014, plus we cover many game reviews, take your reader mail questions and more including the teams own New Year Resolutions."

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R00bot1638d ago

Nah, I don't think so. They've got too many great exclusives coming out for it to be the end. Maybe, just maybe, if every single one of those exclusives bombs then it might be the end for the Wii U (as we know it, they might just change focus), but not Nintendo.
Nintendo will be fine.

stanr1638d ago

I hope not, Nintendo has brought so much joy to kids that its collapse would be unfathomable.

Games_R_Us1638d ago

We certainly hope Nintendo stays as we beleive a 3 horse race is a good race, for competition etc and gamers. We had a solid discussion about what Nintendo should or shouldnt do to improve their position. See if you agree or have other ideas as to what we perhaps didn't consider. The more we can do as gamers to help Nintendo may indeed help Nintendo stay in the gaming scene.

lilbroRx1638d ago

You are aware that despite Nintendo's losses, they are actually still in a much better condition than their competitors right? They lost no where near as much s Sony and Microsoft. Yet, I don't see anyone lamenting Sony going out which even a major firm have deemed a 70% chance of happening do their losses.

The Wii U may be losing money at the moment, but that's it. Enough software releases and refined development process can turn that around.

1638d ago
Metallox1638d ago

You know what? Anyone whot thinks is the end of Nintendo is very uninformed. Please understand that 2014 could be the end of the Wii U (and still, the chances of that happening are very low) but not of Nintendo. There's a huge difference here.

R00bot1638d ago

Hehe, "please understand".

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The story is too old to be commented.