Playing It Old School - 'Freedom Fighters' introduced 'Red Dawn' to a new generation

'Red Dawn' is the most iconic work of the invasion genre in American pop culture and yet its significance may have been lost were not for 'Freedom Fighters'. 'Playing it Old School' looks back at how this forgotten classic inspired several iconic games.

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PoSTedUP1701d ago

pshhh, frickin loved this game. just thought it was so dope; having your little army completely destroy and take over your cousins little army and bases. the concept of hiding in the sewers in SP, hmm i forgot a lot of the story tho tbh. think something with taking back terrtory from a dictator, or something.

stanr1701d ago

Forgot about how fun the multiplayer was, they need to make a sequel to this game.

PoSTedUP1700d ago

indeed. i felt like the man running around in MP.