PS4 Weekly Deals: 5% Off PSN Cards, Preorder Deals, Madden NFL 25/Injustice Gods Among Us $40 & more

PS4 weekly deals and sales from Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

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edgarohickman1450d ago

Tomb Raider out in two days, is this game different than PS3 version?

MAULxx1450d ago

My Brother got it from Gamestop Fri and from what I saw it's alot nicer looking and gameplay looks smoother. It comes with the dlc and the comic book is on the disc.
There are no extra levels or missions if that's what your asking.

UltimateMaster1450d ago

Not much deals if you ask me.
5% off a 20$ PSN card means 1$ saving.

ovnipc1450d ago

yes its the same just looks nicer. Dont buy that get thief that looks way better in gameplay idk graphics, i reserved mine on the 1080p console.

Tom871450d ago

And every time Amazon restocks PS4, I miss it.

xBraiNshOcK1450d ago

Some GameStop retailers have them in stock. I hurried and got mine this past week and I am loving every hour I have played on it!

timothyckeegan1450d ago

Happy to own all the list except Knack. Will wait till it gets free on PS+ .