Xbox 360 Emulation Is Coming Along Well, Says Dev Team

Gaming Blend "Since the Xbox One doesn't allow you play your old Xbox 360 games since it lacks backwards compatibility, you may be able to find an alternative in a Steam Machine. Yep, PCs may be running old (and new) Xbox 360 games sooner than the Xbox One."

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donnieboy1666d ago

I thought it was for Xbox One....I was about to sh*t my pants.

Muffins12231666d ago

No he is talking about pc,no one says emulation for consoles,they say backwards-compatibility

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31666d ago

That article pic brings back so many memories.

ShinMaster1666d ago

No it's not. Why don't people read the article or even the description.

nukeitall1666d ago

Although I think it would be nice to play the older games with the new Xbox One controller, I fail to see the real need for this.

Last generation, BC would mean an upconversion to higher resolution done by console instead of TV doing it, which usually results in poor results and a wireless controller with party/cross game chat.

There are few benefits to BC on the newer consoles. Rather have MS work on actual real features I love the instant switching, and snap feature. Bring us more stuff like that.

I want to play Xbox 360 games, I fire up my Xbox 360!

USA0071665d ago

@Nukeitall This isn't for X1, they are talking about a PC, and MS isn't the one doing it.

I would love to see a 360 emulator, but it isn't going to come out soon, and the PC specs required will probably be monstrous

Withdreday1665d ago

Can't you just run the 99% of games on Xbox that are on PC right now without emulation?

It's not like it's the PS2 were talking about.

Everything on Xbox IS on PC.

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Crazay1666d ago

Ya it's unfortunate. I'd love to see it happen but we all know there's not a snowballs chance in hell.

Justjoined1231666d ago

Last line of the description;
"PCs may be running old (and new) Xbox 360 games sooner than the Xbox One." So id say its likely yeah, just not yet.

Dee_911666d ago

yea i can see xbox one and ps4 second gen models having backward compatibility, unless those streaming services does very well.

Einhert1666d ago

Article not to long ago how emulation of Xbox Obe and PS4 will be so much easier because they use PC architecture.

Who knows when we will see it happen.

BOLO1666d ago

If that were the case...Then the Xbox 1 (circa 2001) would be at emulated at 100% by now. Emulating X86 on X86 is not that easy...

minimur121666d ago

It may be easier to build one, but you'd news root access to the console, aka hack it and get the lv0 keys.

And being as were 2 years in with the vita and we've only just had a breakthrough on downgrading The system, and also dumping games directly from the card. If the vita is that secure, imagine what the ps4is like.

WildArmed1666d ago

I doubt we'll see Xbox 360 emulation on Xbox One since it used "PowerPC".

And honestly, I don't expect 360 emulation on PC for a LOONG time too. It's already been almost a decade.

Utalkin2me1666d ago

Well heck no it isn't. 360 can't even touch the cloud =O

TheDevKit1666d ago

Although it's not Xbox One, I wouldn't mind being able to play Gears 3 on my PC.

jimbobwahey1666d ago

Gears of War 3 on PC would be amazing, depending on how the scene around the game formed. If people were setting up dedicated servers, put out a balance patch (fix sawn-off and retro lancer) and then everybody could get custom maps working (UnrealEngine is easy, but the game being emulated might make things really difficult) it would be great.

TAURUS-5551666d ago

xbox1 will never be able to emulate past games...RIP xbox1

Justindark1666d ago

Why is it you sony fanboys bash everything? Since when did Sony do that? Last time I checked the vita, ps3 and ps4 can't do the same, so you need to go back to your corner and play uncharted 7.

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XiSasukeUchiha1666d ago

Hmmm emulation seems like something i would seek

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minimur121666d ago

Seems pretty cool, although Im a Sony guy I'd love to have an emulator on my PC so I can play all the games I missed out on!

wolokowoh1666d ago

Dolphin emulator for Gamecube and Wii, FCEUX or NEStopia for NES, SNES9X(more compatible games) and ZSNES(runs better but less games) for SNES, Project 64 for N64, PCSx2 for PS2, nothing good for original Xbox, tons of PSP ones, and Visual Boy Advance for GBA, and DeSmuMe for DS.

You'll be able to find these easily with Google as there are several sites. The ROMs can be gotten legally by buying the game from the developer and making the file yourself(I "recommend" this) or illegally. Its your choice. Hypothetically, you would need a BitTorrent client and access to something called a web browser to do it the way I did not "recommend". I wouldn't know anything about that though.

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WeAreLegion1666d ago

Awesome! I miss Crackdown.

Bodge1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Regardless if it's legal or not, this is a good thing to ensure these games never die. I have thousands of NES, SNES, and SEGA games on my thumbdrive, it's just super convenient.

If they gave me a way to have everything I just stated on a thumbdrive then I would buy it instantly.

Pixel_Enemy1666d ago

Emulation is technically legal if you own a physical copy of the game.

KonsoruMasuta1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

It should be noted that the backup copy has to come from the original disk. Regardless of what people say, DOWNLOADING roms is still illegal even if you own the game, as that's not a back up your game but someone else's.

As long as the backup copy comes from YOUR copy, it's okay.

tee_bag2421666d ago

Kind of semantics really. That's why ROMs can freely AMD legally be downloaded to this day.

aLiEnViSiToR1666d ago

Cant freacking wait to try this out :D !!!