Press Start To Begin reviews Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

BioWare released the Leviathan DLC approximately a year ago. Press Start to Begin takes a look back at the DLC now that the Mass Effect series is complete to see if and how it fits into the overarching story.

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Naga1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

"Don’t get it for the story. The story in this DLC just doesn’t flow with the story in the actual game."

I wholeheartedly disagree. I have been recommending Leviathan to my friends for the story alone. When combined with the Extended Cut DLC, this served to fill certain gaps left in the plot. The finer points of the author's critique regarding the story amount to little more than nitpicking, in my opinion.

WitWolfy1696d ago

Keep beating that dead horse.. This DLC never added anything to the actual game in the end. Just a tease, not really disproving the Indoctrination theory but not really proving it exists either.