More Thief PS4 Footage Showcases Large Variety of Customizable Options, Including PS4 Exclusive Ones

After yersterday’s videos Sony Computer Entrtainment UK released a new clip of the PS4 version of the upcoming stealth action game Thief, that will hit the North American shelves on February 25th.

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dedicatedtogamers1699d ago

Indeed. This game looks pretty good (as a fan of the original Looking Glass Thief games, I am cautiously optimistic.

Looks like PS4 is the de-facto multiplatform machine if that's what you're into.

Remember how halfway through last gen the war-cry from some people was: "who cares about exclusives? The only games I'm interested in are multiplats, and my console has the best versions of multiplats"?

I hope that idiotic mindset dies and I hope that the PS4 fanbase does not puppet those same excuses.

guitarded771699d ago

Still debating if I'm getting this game... I want something new for the PS4, but this isn't really my kind of game. I suck at stealth and end up getting frustrated. But it looks really pretty. Decisions, decisions.

mewhy321699d ago

Never really been a fan of this series.

Relientk771699d ago

This game cannot come soon enough

about a month to go

morganfell1699d ago

It's pretty well finished. Three weeks out they need to be done so the publishers and platform holders can have a week to certify the versions Gold. Then two weeks for reproduction and shipping. So where ever they are now it's done. Resolutions and framerates have been locked for a while, AI is set. They are just polishing and bug crushing at this point.

This is going to be so enjoyable to have an actual Thief title rather than gaming on Skyrim pretend mode. Not that I do not like Skyrim, I do but this is an honest to goodness Thief title.

dedicatedtogamers1699d ago

Haven't you played Dishonored? That felt like a nice blend of Bioshock 1 with Thief II, though the levels were not as sprawling nor as intricately designed as those in Thief II.

morganfell1699d ago

Yes I did play Dishonored and I agree it is a very good title. I enjoyed it many hours into the night. But being a kyudo practitioner there are some things Dishonored, as good as it was, did not provide me.

BanginBiscuitz1699d ago

Hoping this game doesnt disappoint, been looking forward to it for awhile. Love the stealthy type play how you want games.

yezz1699d ago

This is just pure brilliance! Huge amount of options so that everyone can play the game their own way. Not just your usual easy, medium, hard difficulties..

HighResHero1699d ago

Hopefully this will start a trend towards more customizations and other devs will take notes on how to provide options instead of just alienating certain gamers by offering only casual play modes.

yezz1699d ago


My thoughts exactly!

Btw, I can't believe someone seems to disagree with more options :D guess you just can't please some people..

HighResHero1699d ago

Maybe they want health regeneration and insta-checkpoints to be mandatory for everyone.

imtheman20131699d ago

Wow! That is a serious amount of options that can be customized! I am so pumped for this game; my stealth itch has gone unscratched for far too long.

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The story is too old to be commented.