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come_bom1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

That's impressive numbers. No wonder Bethesda prefer making/launching Elder Scrolls games then Fallout games.

Mr Pumblechook1635d ago

I love both Oblivion & Skyrim. But I hate that there are only a handful of voice actors used. At times it sounds like it's the same 3 people doing all the voices! Obviously in an open world game not every character can be distinctive but it would be nice if Bethesda used some of their money to pay for more people.

InTheLab1635d ago

The problem is how they cast actual actors instead of professional voice actors who are use to voicing multiple characters to save money. They're gonna run I to the same issue with the MMO because of the voice cast they chose.

kalkano1635d ago

I agree about Oblivion. But, they used many more actors in Skyrim. Sure, you still hear some repeats, but it's nowhere near as bad.

ravinash1634d ago

I always find it odd that you often hear different voices saying the exact same lines.

They could have mixed that up a bit.

AntoineDcoolette1634d ago

I honestly think Skyrim sold more than the Fallout games due t better advertising.

Soc51634d ago

Not only that, which is annoying, but they will have characters that sound so bland and don't seem like they are actual voice actors.

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dreamoner1635d ago

Well, if that's the case and Bethesha's not making a fallout game and focusing on next elder scroll single player launch, they should at least let another studio(obsidian) make it and give the guys(@obsidian) full engine resources and enough development time.

Monolith1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I personally think elder scrolls online is there next elder game then fallout. Meaning, instead a single player elder scrolls. I don't know. All I know is I can't wait for fallout.

snake_eater1635d ago

That's nice now start making tes 6 please

Aces171635d ago

Hope they already have. I want it in 2015.

ApolloTheBoss1635d ago

No i'd rather wait 5 years like we always have so in 2016...DAMN it's 2014 already?! This came out in 2011!!

Mr Tretton1635d ago

I'm pretty sure Fallout 4 is next.

TheSaint1635d ago

I hope so! Still playing F3 and New Vegas, love em.

Billybobjoey1634d ago

Well, they're making that online game, but I don't know if I would consider that a full game, since subscription-based online games usually have some sort of way to trick you out of your money, and milk the cash cow a bit too much. Don't get me wrong, I love Skyrim and the other Elder Scrolls games, I just don't know if Online will live up to it's predecessors.

fluffydelusions1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

So sky is the limit? What a terrible joke

ColeMacGrath1635d ago

Congrats on your milestone with Skyrim, Bethesda! I wonder how many copies TESO will sell..

jackanderson19851635d ago

at 8 quid a month or whatever nowhere near 20 million

Dynasty20211634d ago


If release is just around the corner, and the beta gameplay won't change much, it won't do well.

The gameplay is just...really poor. It's like they took Skyrim and dumbed it down.

And the fact that it's going to be £8.99 a month or something?

Sorry. Pass.

joab7771635d ago

If it sells 1/3 as many it will make a ton of money. Heres to hoping they find the balance. And I hope ppl dont just write it off from the jump. Mmo's almostb aalways get better if the devs listen. ESO could b great.

As I said though I am a little worried that it'll b too much mmo for some and not enough for others. I sure hope theres a ton of customization for the hardcore crowd. Font launch without enough endgame content or a dungeon finder.

ColeMacGrath1635d ago

I'm not worried because I'm sure Bethesda will amaze us all, also not to mention that TESO could win the largest game award since it's going to include the whole Tamriel continent!

xTheMercenary_1635d ago

if they drop the monthly fee i'll buy it straight away

e-p-ayeaH1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

That´s nice not buying it tough i just want fallout 4

KonsoruMasuta1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

You should buy it. You can get it for dirt cheap.

The only reason I bought it was because the next Fallout wasn't coming fast enough. I don't regret my purchase one bit though, because it's a fantastic game. There is one problem though... the bugs. Even after all of Bethesda's patches, the games still has occasional crashes and glitches. If you get it on PC you can get unofficial patches that help.

I own it on PC and PS3.

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