Clayfighter 63 1/3: N64 Retro Review I Play Legit

Ms. Throwback of Play Legit Writes "Each character is unique with their own fighting styles. From an artistic standpoint the character and environment design are well done and interesting."

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admiralvic1518d ago

Such a great series. I wish they would bring it back. =[

kopicha1518d ago

ah yes... i remember this game. it was surprisingly fun

AusRogo1518d ago

I remember playing the SNES version alot , good times!

UncleGermrod1518d ago

these ga,es were just weird to me. never liked them

iceman061518d ago

Clayfighters...clay...clay...f ighters...dooo..doo..doo...doo. ...doo doo...whooo!!! Man, I used to love playing this game. Bad Mr. Frosty!!! LOL