Weekly Digital: Slow week…

"I don’t know about you, but this week seemed very…meh. Plenty of things happened everyday, but it felt like the world stopped spinning for a bit there.

It seems like games also took it easy over the last seven days, as not much happened in the way of major digital releases or sales. Despite the slow week, some things did manage to make it out for mass consumption.

Gradius spin-off Life Force (also known as Salamander in Japan) hit the 3DS eShop. Originally an NES and Commodore 64 title, Life Force introduced multiple systems that made it into future titles in the Gradius series, including multiplayer.

Fans of Monster Hunter style action role-playing games (i.e.: me) may enjoy the demo of Toukiden: The Age Of Demons on Vita. I’m taken aback at how pretty the game looks on Sony’s portable. It helps that it plays well and is really fun to boot.

On the Xbox side, we have various discounted titles ranging from Tales of Vesperia to Call of Duty. Discounts range from 25 percent to a whopping 75 percent off – a great time to add titles on the cheap.

So there’s really not much more to look at, but make the jump anyway to see the whole list of this week’s digital releases."

- Allain Richard

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