Varia Games mixes Metroid, Crysis to create Reven, now on Kickstarter

When the Reven virus leads to people disappearing from space station Nexum, hero SyRek swoops in to cure the virus - by shooting the infected, mutated population in the face. We're just gonna say it: people in power armor don't make good doctors. They do, however, make good action game stars, provided the game they star in gets the $18,000 funding it needs from Kickstarter.

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XtraTrstrL1702d ago

Didn't like how they overdid it with the copycatting. Like, did the ship have to be that copycatted?

Also, the few things that are unique are annoying, like zombie aliens. Seriously, are we this obsessed with zombies?

I said it on another post about this game, it needs HD sprites, and they should use something like Spriter to animate the sprites.

cleft51702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I agree it was a bit excessive. I looked at the trailer and thought wow not a single original idea at all. It looks like they copy and pasted metroid and just did a facelift to the art style.

JazBear1702d ago

Watched the vid, can't support a game that rips off that much...
Way too similar to metroid!!!

ZeekQuattro1702d ago

Game looks great & its looking like it will be a worthy homage to the Metroid franchise. Not sure where this blind hate is coming from.