Hindsight, The Ultimate Game Ruiner

When Games Move As Fast As They Do, Can Games Hold Up Under The Scrutiny Of Hindsight?

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TheXploder1418d ago

Hindsight has ruined more games for me than anything else. The games I have recently gone back to are Dynasty Warriors and even some classic PS One and Two titles.

seany11011418d ago

nostalgia plays a big part too - I can't believe I played Enter The Matrix and thought it was good at the time

amywelshcastle1418d ago

I don't really reflect on newish games to the extent that they become ruined. I just enjoy the experience and move on to the next one.

It happens a lot with games I loved as a kid, though. All the little problems become really obvious when you play them again. Fond memories destroyed.

Godmars2901418d ago

And if something wasn't broken from the beginning, like ME3's ending, FF13, there wouldn't be that much player hindsight going on.

Wni01418d ago

Infinite sucked since they showed the "gameplay video" from e3. Only game reviewers trying to show how far games have come can overrate a game that generic in gameplay.