Pachter: Watch Dogs Was “Headed For Disaster” Before Delay

GR: "Watch Dogs was supposed to launch late last year, but Ubisoft opted to delay it at the last minute, a move Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes saved a game that was "headed for disaster.""

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1OddWorld1696d ago

It sucked when it got delayed, but I believe they are shooting for greatness with this title.

UltimateMaster1696d ago

Article: "I admire them. Their stock got hammered. The management got criticized. And that franchise matters; it sounds really good. And if it doesn’t work, it’s a big waste of time and waste of money. So I’m hopeful that that six month delay makes that game great. But I think that was headed for disaster."

Here's what I think is f*cked up.

Ubisoft stock would drop because they care about the quality of their game when they release it on the market.

EA games are always rushed incomplete broken and or buggy games that people still buy regardless how much EA the publisher messed up the game.
Battlefield 4, Sim City, Ending to Mass Effect 3, Ryse Son of Rome is only 4 hours long, No single player story in Titanfall.
You see a pattern here?

jdiggitty1696d ago


EA has a different model than ubi. For them sales and quality are only a small part. You have to consider the companies and ips they have acquired.

guitarded771696d ago

@ UltimateMaster

We all respect Ubi for doing the right thing, but 6 month more of development expense was what makes the stock drop. EA would/will and does face the same loss when they delay a game. The market is the same for all.

I'm sure every developer/publisher weighs the cost of more dev time, and patching. They end up doing what's best financially in most cases. Gone are the days of closed systems, and this has become a norm.

mwjw6961696d ago


Ryse is 6 hours first off, and made by Crytec not EA.

Also Titanfall does not need single player. Who cares about the terrible single player of every multiplayer centric game? With COD I think only 5% ever finished it was the last statistic. Why waist time, money, and attention for something very little people care about.

UltimateMaster1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

EA has dead lines for games. Ready or not, it's getting released anyway.

I won't be paying 60% for BF5 because when I buy a game, I want it to work day one.
If it doesn't work well day one, then I would have bought it much later on until price has dropped and bugs are fixed and I'm still wondering how many month it will be until the BF4 servers are fixed.

EA has some of the best talent in the industry, but EA's pressure to release games and ways to implement new ways to rip you off *Cough* Micro-transactions *Cough* like in Ryse, you get 1 sword, 1 shield, 1 armor set, no option you either have to grind a lot or buy equipment. 3$~4$ for skin on your character, that's just a color change.

Or again the season pass for BF4 that again paid for and broken now, total 110$ wasted. Or the Need for Speed DLCs. Mobile platform rip-offs they are now focused on those Free-2-Play games.

badz1491696d ago

I don't know if the game is heading towards disaster or not but one thing for sure, it was poised to compete head to head sales-wise against AC4 which is not something Ubisoft wanna do. sure they should've seen that earlier but I was kinda expected either one of the 2 will get delayed and unfortunately WD was it.

UnwanteDreamz1695d ago

Shareholders are what drive corporations and their greed. They could care less if a game works as long as it is released on time and sells well.

Quality does not factor in their equasion.

UltraNova1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


You seem to get it. I think one of, if not the most important reason Watch dogs got delayed was to avoid internal competition (AC4 and Watchdogs) on the same time frame. Plus the dev got another 6 months to polish the game even further.
As for potential game breaking issues unless the devs come out and say what was exactly so broken that they had to delay the game for 6 months I wont believe anything Pachter or any Pachter has to say for that matter.

NeoTribe1695d ago

Ultimatemaster, isnt ryse eon of rome crytek? Does ea sponser it or something?

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liquidhalos1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I can't wait to play this, I'm genuinely glad they delayed it to iron out the bugs, we deserve a big game without hassle. Day 1 for me

liquidhalos1696d ago

Apparently someone disagrees that us gamers deserve a big bug free game. Okie dokie then

Aghashie1696d ago

Relax pal, people here disagree at everything for any given reason... So, don't let it bother u.

I am also glad they delayed the game. Quality is always beter than quantity :)

Truthandreason1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Yup, you may not see anything wrong with this post but look closer. Some GTA fanboy is fuming that you would even consider buying watchdogs. There is no mercy on N4G as there is always an extremist who disagrees. Best not to care about votes one way or the other.

assdan1696d ago

I'd rather have an amazing game a few months later than a decent one a few months earlier.

ITPython1696d ago

I am excited for this game, originally my PS4 preorder was for the Watch Dogs bundle.

I might hold off on a day one purchase, as there is quite a few other noteworthy games releasing around the same time, and for all I know the game will be a bust. I'll keep an eye on what gamers have to say about it, and I will take all the mainstream media reviews of it with a grain of salt.

While not likely, would be nice to see a demo come out for it. Hate the fact that game demos are becoming a thing of the past, I have found many great games that I would never have considered by trying the demos. And since the demos are becoming extinct, I have gotten reamed many times buying games blindly.

Kryptix1696d ago

Can't wait to see all the new additions and features added to the game because of the delay.

Though, it might have angered gamers, I feel like it's for the best if they say they weren't ready yet. It benefits us that will be getting this game since it means that it's going to be more amazing than what we already seen.

TBONEJF1695d ago

You're right bout that. I'd rather buy a game that have no bugs in it. And the hell what Patcher thinks. This is a next gen game here. Someone or everyone needs to stop asking him what he thinks because he's a failure at being a anaylyst

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jay21696d ago

It should have come to next gen an pc only.

MasterCornholio1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

As long as the console can handle it why not?

If you want my opinion I believe that the delay was caused by development difficulties on one console.

You probably know which system I'm talking about.

Eonjay1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Back in September:
Jonathan Morin, creative director from Watch Dogs, has spoken about the differences between the different versions of Watch Dogs:

"720p on PS360, 1080 on PS4, TBD on Xbox One."


"Both hit 30fps easy. I think Xbox One suffers a few dips from 60fps. PS4 is pretty smooth. Definitive version." [the latter part of that quote was retweeted by Shuhei Yoshida.]

So PS4 is smooth at 60FPS @1080P. Xbox One is smooth at 30 with resolution TBD. I'm thinking it has to be at least 900P if 360 and PS3 are 720P.

jay21696d ago

Because everything will have been toned down, and because the 360 doesn't do blu-ray more content could have been on there not just less compressed textures etc. A proper next gen engine could be built and things wouldn't have to be scaled back, also the size of the team on 2 consoles and pc vs 5 and PC would have helped as well.

KonsoruMasuta1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I agree.

razrye1695d ago

Then they would have sold less.

Neonridr1695d ago

No way that would ever happen. Ubisoft would be throwing millions upon millions away by shutting out the 360 and PS3 audience. Believe it or not but not everyone has upgraded to next gen.

160 million last gen consoles vs 7.5-8 million next gen.

Simple numbers. Do the math.

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quaneylfc1696d ago

The delay was the most exciting thing about this game. Just the unpredictability along with he mystery of why they delayed it.

I wouldn't say disaster i'd say a solid 8 score, which didn't seem to be enough. As it shouldn't!

MysticStrummer1696d ago

Yeah I would say it was headed for mediocrity more than disaster. The reveal was amazing but the more they showed the less interesting it got. Delays suck and all that, but if it makes the game better in any way I'm all for it.

quaneylfc1696d ago

Yeah exactly s'all good :)

snookiegamer1696d ago

Sometimes you gotta bite the point releasing a game as hyped as Watchdogs to disappointment. Same for Driveclub :)

76erz241696d ago

I wouldn't necessarily call Drive Club a "hyped game."

beerzombie1696d ago

I love Xbox one but drive club I would say was a launch title that was hyped.

Baka-akaB1695d ago

Well it was stil hyped . Even unwillingly , some fans and the press were already trying to shoe it in , as a replacement to GT , for a "war against forza" .

Even when very little were released , and the only possible comparisons were graphics and the framerate

HammerKong1695d ago

drive club was never hyped preorders tell that ,it was a new ip and was discriminated buy critics very much at e3 ,they needed time but delay was which hyped this game ,now gamers think this will make game better i also thinks the same ,this will polish it and may be we can get a great racer .graphcs now look far better than before but rumors says that it is not running now at 1080p ,i think they sacrificed with resolution to add more effects and colors which is a good thing but it is also confirmed to be running at 30fps ,i hope it will look great .but i will still wait for reviews before getting it.

lostkey1696d ago

Why do I always feel like I could be a "game analyst" after I hear this guy talk?

wonderfulmonkeyman1696d ago

Just so long as you never go full Pachter...

Syntax-Error1695d ago

LOSTKEY, You do know he is NOT a game analyst right? Maybe you don't because you're not that bright. Did you not READ that he works for Wedbush Securities? Do you know what that company is? He's a numbers guy....NOT AN ANALYST

speedforce1311695d ago

Pachter is a financial analyst, so the way he looks at games business is different from how average people look at games.

andibandit1695d ago


Because you assume hes a game analyst.

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