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Battlefield 4 Bugs “More Of An Issue For The Gaming Press Than It Was For Gamers,” Says Pachter

GR: "The technical problems that have plagued DICE's latest shooter Battlefield 4 aren't that big of a deal, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

NYC_Gamer  +   271d ago
The gaming press aren't the ones who have to spend 60 bucks on broken software
acharlez  +   271d ago
So true!
UltimateMaster  +   271d ago
Battlefield 4 Bugs “More Of An Issue For The Gaming Press Than It Was For Gamers,” Says Pachter

That the stupidest thing I've heard all this year.
morganfell  +   271d ago
“More Of An Issue For The Gaming Press Than It Was For Gamers,”...says the analyst that isn't a gamer.
admiralvic  +   271d ago
EA Snubbed a lot of sites on review copies of Battlefield 4. Same with Assassin's Creed IV.
Skate-AK  +   271d ago
How could EA snub a site with AC4? That's an Ubisoft game.
alexkoepp  +   271d ago
The X360 version had some serious crashing issues and while I played it it was a frustrating experience. However when I upgraded to the X1 version it has been a pretty great experience. Not flawless by any means but coming from the 360 version and reading the issues for the PS4 version and PC version I've been pleased and it's getting better every patch. Keep the fixes coming though, the game is fantastic.

On X360 would always crash on dawnbreaker, and of course randomly from time to time, hainan resort would freeze while loading, and every time the game crashed would lose campaign progress and all multiplayer loadouts would reset... none of that has happened in the X1 version except a crash or two a week.
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3-4-5  +   271d ago
They are the ones who take everything to the extreme though.

They takes small minor issues and make them seem like the world is going to end.

They do it for money...
ATiElite  +   270d ago
THANK YOU so very much!

BF4 PC was fine after the first patch. I have over 150 hours into it so I agree BF4 bugs are more of a PRESS issue than an actual issue.

(People have the Nerve to talk about bugs and issues when they have every copy of Call of Duty after MW1 sitting on their shelf)

X-Rebirth......Now THIS is a BUGGY and BROKEN game that I have had since Day 1 but have only put 14 hours into it because of the bugs and other issues..
Xof  +   271d ago
Right: none of the people who lack a position to publicly complain to a large audience have any complaints at all. Makes perfect sense.
Elwenil  +   271d ago
More proof that Pachter has absolutely no real connection with the gaming world and is just another uncomprehending outsider looking in that thinks they understand what they are looking at.
Vergil-  +   271d ago
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   271d ago
This guy is such a massive troll.
Just look at his face.
He just loves trolling the gaming community.
cyclindk  +   271d ago
He didn't try playing conquest... just team death match.
MysticStrummer  +   271d ago
Sure, that's why when I was TV browsing at Best Buy the other day the salesman told me about how buggy BF4 was and that I should wait to buy it if I bought it at all. Pachter needs a reboot.
zme-ul  +   271d ago
I ask myself every time this asshole is "news" ... why people still listen to the shit he spews time and time again
BALLARD32  +   271d ago
I guess Pachter hasn't played BF4 then. It's a pretty big issue when you spend $60+ on a game that is unplayable.
iistuii  +   271d ago
I'm still not happy on PS4 with my b4. Every mode bar Conquest is fine, but conquest is what I wanna play, it's better than it was granted, but still not right. Pachter's a fool.
FragMnTagM  +   271d ago
I had a few connection issues here and there in the first month but it has been smooth sailing lately. Too good of a game to get hung up on these issues.
dillhole  +   271d ago
These aren't just simple annoyances like crappy textures or faulty spawns - this is match-ruining, fun-ruining LAG.
FragMnTagM  +   271d ago
I feel sorry for the people having problems. I rarely have any at all.

I have over 120 clips from the game and like two or three that have lag in them that I recorded because I was lagging.

I am also a decent rank. If the game was that bad FOR ME I don't think I would have either of those.
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NovasRevenge  +   271d ago
can anyone tell me why patcher even exists
Skate-AK  +   271d ago
When a mommy and daddy love each other very much....
theRell  +   271d ago
I usually don't, but I have to agree with him.
SpiralTear  +   271d ago
How so? I'm legitimately curious to hear you out on that.
FragMnTagM  +   271d ago
Maybe he is one of the lucky ones like me that rarely experiences these problems.
theRell  +   267d ago
I didn't run into many issues with the game. My only problem with the game was it was underwhelming. I was excited for 64 player Conquest only to not enjoy it when I got to try it, so I avoided it. The being kicked out of those games didn't happen because I stayed away. I've had no issues in TDM, Rush, and Domination.
OrangePowerz  +   271d ago
Screw you Pachter.

Tell me that to the face after I play a laggy match.
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DJustinUNCHAIND  +   271d ago
Pachter hasn't been able to shut up so far this year.
Blacklash93  +   271d ago
Why are we even posting every little comment he makes? Can we get a legitimate industry analyst, at least? Instead of this opinionated, consumer-ignorant hack that GameTrailers passes as one?
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Donnywho  +   271d ago
I feel like this man is speaking for me and I want to hurt him.
mr233  +   271d ago
I lost my saved game data 4/5 of the way through the campaign. Then 3 more times after until I finally gave up. Besides all the multiplayer issues. Waste of money.

But yeah it was more of an issue for the press.
ruefrak  +   271d ago
I get the feeling that Michael Pachter was a two bit financial analyst who gained a form of micro fame when he chose to focus on the games industry. Now he thinks he's smarter than he really is and gets high on that so many people care what he says. The fact that he has a show called "The Pach Attack" tells me everything I want to know about the guy.
Like the kids over at IGN he's more obsessed with boosting his own celebrity than reporting anything useful.
dillhole  +   271d ago
The most annoying thing I find is that many people are reporting that it's working OK now. It isn't for me. It runs like a piece of shit on conquest and rush. The rubber banding completely ruins what could be an absolute masterpiece. It's not an annoyance - it's a fucking broken game that in its current state is worse than it has ever been for me.
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swishersweets20031  +   271d ago
I read that quote and first thing that came to mind was buddy your dead wrong.

The gaming press, the youtubers(paid off) slobbed all over Dice/EA wiener when the game hit.. it was the gamers that raised the uproar.
Naga  +   271d ago
This guy is a moron.
gedden7  +   271d ago
I swear this guy has no respect for gamers.. NONE!!!! He has said in multiple vids that producers should charge more for games. Up to $70... He doesn't care about gamers. I have bf4 on the xbone and from the party system to the lag problems that were both not problem on bf3 on last gen were better versions. Only the graphics are better. Patcher could d_uck a s_ock!!!
franko  +   271d ago
Pachter??? Another suit that never took controller or a mouse in his hand and tryed to play any game. Moron.
donnieboy  +   271d ago
Says the by the one who gets to play it for free...
Kryptix  +   271d ago
"I think that they fixed them. I don’t know. Have you every played a console game that didn’t freeze once? Seldom. I know this one froze a lot but they fixed it. See I don’t think stuff like that makes much difference at all to most people." -Pachter

They aren't fixed yet and they actually created more glitches with the latest patch. Pachter shouldn't be adding any input to the game industry, he doesn't know shit and is very out of touch with reality.
Codey47  +   271d ago
Then Pachter doesn't frequent the most popular gaming/non gaming forums then....does he.
sovietsoldier  +   271d ago
pachter is delusional.
MARKSMAN7136  +   271d ago
Uhhhh the press aren't the ones playing the broken game....what is this guy retarded???
TheSaint  +   271d ago
How is this guy still employed as an analyst?????

I rarely see anything he's said make sense/come true.

The guy is a fucktard.

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