Pachter: Indie Games Not “Game-Worthy GOTY” Experiences, “They’re More Like Snacks"

GR: "Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has made his thoughts on indie games known, claiming that they're not "game-worthy Game of the Year" type experiences, but rather "snacks" when compared to the full meals that are big budget triple-A titles."

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NYC_Gamer1667d ago

I disagree,there are indie games that offer GOTY experiences

-Foxtrot1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

It's a tough question, putting aside my dislike for the guy I kind of see where he's coming from. Even if you had an indie game with GOTY experiences and you compare it to AAA GOTY games, for example like last year Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us, GTAV etc then they are always going to be one under those types of games and I'd rather see it go to one of them instead....I just feel like AAA games offer more so if you have an Indie game which has GOTY experiences and a AAA one then I'd choose the one which is bigger, longer and packed with more content...if you get what I mean. Same goes for some Arcade games in my opinion

I think it depends out whats going to last longer for you and is fun overall.

It's like films, my lecturer in Uni always says if you ask a person what they'd rather watch, one being a mainstream funny/enjoyable film (for you) or something "Oscar" like such as 12 Years a Slave, The Tree of Life or Lincoln etc and they pick the Oscar-like film then they are probably bulls****** you since no one would choose those kind of films over a one they find highly enjoyable and could watch hundreds of times without being bored

Same applies here, do you pick a lovely, artistic game like Journey with a beautiful soundtrack OR do you pick something like the Last of Us, Skyrim, GTAV, MGS or Batman. You would most likely pick the latter which are longer and overall extremely fun where you get more replay value out of it.

Saying that you can still appreciate what Indie games do for the industry but 9 times out of 10 an AAA game is just better.

cleft51667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The budget of a game or size of a team doesn't determine it's quality. Looking at you RE6. People would do well to remember that Minecraft actually started off as an indie game.

alexkoepp1667d ago

I'm with pachter on this one, I don't care if a system has 10000+ 10/10 indie games, that isn't going to factor into my console purchase whatsoever. Indie game = smartphone games = who the F cares

thekhurg1667d ago

I agree with Pachter - Indie games aren't GOTY experiences. There isn't an indie game out there that compares to actual game of the year winners or even the candidates.

TomShoe1667d ago

Clearly Pachter hasn't played Journey.

aliengmr1667d ago

Fact: Big budget does not mean better game.

Pachter is for the big money movers, so of course he's going to say indies aren't worth anything. They're made without a big publisher.

Big publishers don't like the idea of self publishing.

PoSTedUP1667d ago

hmmm. i guess it depends how you classify an indie game, because technically Hhour is independently developed, the budget not being big, and its possible for it to win GOTY. i would hate for that to happen though, that would mean it'd probably appeal to the masses like cod, so there will be way too many low quality gamers on my socom servers... >:(.

DigitalRaptor1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@ alexkoepp

How are The Walking Dead, or Outlast, or Amnesia, or The Stanley Parable, or Journey, or Resogun, or Star Citizen, or Dreamfall Chapters, or No Man's Sky, or Kingdom Come: Deliverance, smartphone games when they're designed for PC and consoles? Your generalisation is, just that.

And of course, since money is what makes Pachter's mind tick, he's not going to consider a game with a low budget to be worthy of awards. Forget its quality. AAA games with bloated budgets and mismanagement will ALWAYS be better. Always. /s

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ForgottenProphecy1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

A good AAA game will always beat a good indie game, but in a dry year (like 2012) great indie games can be GOTY worthy, like Journey and The Walking Dead.

@Foxtrot Sure, it probably got more fame for being called "The Walking Dead" but it's still a good game.

-Foxtrot1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I don't really think the Walking Dead was an Indie game in my opinion, it's more like a standard arcade game. Most Indie games usually come from small and recently new studios which start from scratch to give you something innovative and fresh but the Walking Dead is based on an already highly esbalished franchise and the studio TellTale games have been making those point and click games for years. They had the man power, they had the studio, they had the money, they had a lot of things Indie game studios would kill to have

Honestly back in 2012 I couldn't believe that got GOTY over Journey (and I'm saying an Indie game since it was kind of a dry year for gaming). If it wasn't called the Walking Dead it wouldn't of gotten the praise it did since it's such a popular series especially with the TV series now.

[email protected]

"Sure, it probably got more fame for being called "The Walking Dead" but it's still a good game."

I think it's average at best, nothing special. People kept going on about the characters but it was no where need the development like you saw in Uncharted 2 and this was before the Last of Us came out

rainslacker1667d ago

Indie is a rather broad term to encompass a large number of varying size productions and budgets. Indie games can be just as big, and have the same production value as a AAA big publisher titles.

Many people automatically equate indie with smartphone type games(as seen in comments above yours), and it's pretty far from the truth.

OlgerO1667d ago

A fantastic indie game is worth more then 3 ok triple A games

brich2331667d ago

Indie games are definitely a step above touch based games but a step Below AAA Goty experience.

Thirty3Three1667d ago

Outlast is NOT a snack...

Axios21667d ago

100% agree

Some indies are good, but no one spends hundreds of dollars for indie

AAA is what ppl buy consoles to play

Right now

PS4 has 2 retail exclusives
x1 has 5 retail exclusives

aliengmr1667d ago

Project CARS and Star Citizen would like a word with you.

DigitalRaptor1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@ Axios2

And what happens when they have both?

What happens when they have AAA, indie, MMOs, Japanese titles, and free-to-play games?

Good luck finding that kind of consistent diversity on Xbone.

Secondly, looks like your theory is a dud, since more people are buying PS4s than Xbones and the demand for PS4 is much stronger worldwide.

Lastly, gamers have proven that they spend hundreds of dollars just to support an independent developer in getting a SINGLE game made. So there's your theory well and truly demolished.

ShutUpDonny1666d ago

No man's sky is an indie, and if, for some reasons, it becomes an X1 exclusive, I will buy an X1 and it would be the only reson why.

liquidhalos1667d ago

Patcher annoys me so much, let the gamers decide what is goty worthy, we are the ones who buy and play them after all

3-4-51667d ago

Much more is accomplished with most indie games on a $1 million dollar budget than Rockstar did on GTA 5 with $350 million dollars.

Indie dev's are more efficient with their money for the most part.

Sometimes those restrictions can bring out amazing creativity though.

schlanz1667d ago

There are, but in general terms, not really. GotY type games are usually so large and grand in scope that a small indie team could never imagine to accomplish something on that scale.

Still, I'm put off by his comparison to an indie game as a "snack". Just because indie games aren't like GTA5 doesn't mean there aren't any that aren't worth sinking hours upon hours into. Mobile games are like snacks, if anything.

Gamer19821666d ago

What he said was once again taken out of context people on here and other sites are on a Pachter witch hunt as usual.. People need to grow up and actually play games instead of caring so much about every word this guy says..

Tsar4ever011666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

You think that, Patcher? Than tell that to the indie devs that won tons of awards that created Angry Birds, Braid, Trine, Minecraft & Journey. You are SO wrong.

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001667d ago

A lot of AAA games feel and play the same with a few exceptions, all style very little substance and I'm finding indie games are having more going for them simply because of the gameplay or ideas and conceptss

rhap1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Why you americans care so much about this guy's opinion? Never really understood, seriously. Most part of the time I see an article about him it's all crap. Sounds like my grandfather who never played anything trying to explain how games and gaming market works for people who are pretty much aware of it.

Terraria, an indie game, have been on top20 steam games since forever. That must be a giant snack, I guess.

ExCest1667d ago

Are you being subtly racist here?

Silly gameAr1667d ago

I've never cared much about anything he says. To me he's like a PR mouthpiece that gets paid to say dumb or obvious things from time to time.

LeCreuset1667d ago

That's the funny thing. We don't care either.

-Foxtrot1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

It wasn't really up against much though when it was up for GOTY in 2012.

Assassin's Creed III (Disappointing)
Dishonored (Should of won in my opinion)
Mass Effect 3 (Lot of controversy over the ending)
Walking Dead (Point and click...nothing mind blowing)

If an Indie game was up against games from last year such as GTAV, Last of Us, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, AC4 they would stand no chance

Hicken1667d ago

In your opinion, anyway. Journey is my GOTG, so it goes without saying that I find it better than any AAA title made in the seventh generation.

Your stance on indies seems to be biased against them BECAUSE they're indie, rather than because they're inherently better or worse than AAA games. Which is pretty sad, honestly.

-Foxtrot1667d ago

It's no's just Indie games don't offer as much as AAA but can you blame them when they don't have the same kind of budget AAA games do.

Please don't call another opinion sad just because you don't agree with's ignorant.

Anon19741667d ago

I agree. I have no idea how many games I played last gen, but the ones that stuck with me, the ones I remember aren't the newest iteration of COD or Assassin's Creed. They're games like Flower, Pixel Junk Monsters, Journey, Limbo, Braid, The Walking Dead, Unfinished Swan, Bastion, Flower, Super Meat Boy, etc...

It's these games that are pushing limits, playing with gameplay and not taking the safest route. These are the games that surprise and stick with you after playing. Pachter, once again, is talking with his head firmly up his ass. The guy proves over and over when it comes to gaming trends he has no idea what he's talking about.

T3mpr1x1667d ago

He's talking about money. Any AAA game, if good (or in the case of CoD, not broken), will absolutely trump any indie game's profits.

Anon19741666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Minecraft. Your argument is invalid.

Hicken1667d ago

thatgamecompany isn't owned by anyone. Therefore their games are indie.

Moncole1667d ago

Thatgamecompany is indie but Journey was published by Sony so that doesnt make indie. Don't Starve is indie because Klei published it but Mark of the Ninja isn't indie because MS published it.

MorbidPorpoise1667d ago

So Fez, Limbo, Super Meat Boy, Minecraft and Braid are not independent?

Moncole1667d ago

Those games were self published.

rainslacker1667d ago

A vast majority of indie titles on the scale of Journey have a publisher. It doesn't make them any less indie.

Most indie devs can not risk that kind of money to self publish. There are benefits to having a publisher backer, namely marketing. All the major publishers have an indie publishing branch that works under a different name. Then there are booster programs, such as what EA has with Respawn, but the developer's themselves remain independent to make their own decisions(mostly), and retain their IP's.

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Dark111667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I have seen lots of great indie titles yet i never feel like i need to play or buy any of them.
i can't say the same about AAA games tho..