Kingdom Come Dev: Most Publishers Have Nothing In 2015

Daniel Vàvra, Creative Director of Warhorse Studios, fears that most publishers don't have many projects prepared for 2015, as they were just too scared of mobile gaming to fund them.

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karamsoul1545d ago

Personally, I think publishers are embracing the new consoles. There's plenty of stuff in the pipe for console, PC, mobile, and handhelds in 2014, so why the hesitation about 2015?

Alexious1545d ago

It says that they were really scared about this upcoming generation. Perhaps they thought that these consoles wouldn't have sold very well and with mobile games rising, they didn't feel about greenlighting new projects.

I'm pretty sure things are changing right now since PS4 & Xbox One are both selling very well, but it could be late to bring a lot of good games in 2015. Also, it is telling that they are ready for the switch to mobile...

Festano1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Fortunately, there is Kickstarter, this game promises well and I do not understand why it has not been funded by the editors . It's better now anyway so they can create their game without any constraint.

Grap1545d ago

the good thing is they have investor who is going to fund their game, it doesn't matter the amount the money they get, they already got their project funded.

Alexious1545d ago

Well yes, but it was only going to fund them if the KS was successful.

Now it is, but the more money they get, the better game we'll have.

Vergil-1545d ago

Glad people are supporting this game we need more hardcore RPGs.

TheUltimateGamer1545d ago

Agreed. I would love to see more!

Alexious1545d ago

This year will be the best one ever for RPGs.

Let's hope many are successful, which will surely encourage even more projects!

theshredded1545d ago

I'm not sure about 2015 it's too early but the game looks mind blowing

kaiserfranz1545d ago

He's taking about the fact that publishers were uncertain whereas to fund projects or not, before next-gen consoles launched.

trywizardo1545d ago

ac cod battlefield says hi ...

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