Call of Duty Black Ops VA hinting at Black Ops 3?

GearNuke: "James C Burns is a highly talented voice actor most commonly known for voicing Sargent Frank Woods in the Call of Duty Black Ops series of games by developers Treyarch. Burns is a huge fan of Call of Duty and even has his official Twitter account focus around his gaming persona.

Earlier today he tweeted out something that was clear and ambiguous at the same time."

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_FantasmA_1696d ago

Black Ops 3? Well I'd never imagine that. This is a total surprise. No seriously, why are you wasting time writing about something that we know is coming anyways. Can you also write and article about the rumor that tomorrow is going to be Monday?

LackTrue4K1696d ago

I will take this rumor with a gran of salt, and that salt is the size of the WORLD! LOL

CarlosX3601696d ago

He's not wasting time. Website owners make money this way.

CarlosX3601696d ago

Yes, they do. I own a bunch of COD Blogs and Forums - this is how we make money.

corvusmd1696d ago

Sweet...Ghosts is better than I was expecting, but Treyarch is still making better COD games lately.

fossilfern1696d ago

I agree especially when it comes to their PC versions they tend to treat it with a bit more care compared to Infinity ward.

Infinity ward is a terrible developer, no offense to them but they are.

LightSamus1696d ago

Ghosts was massive step back from Black Ops 2 which was actually surprisingly good.

ian721695d ago

I think blops 1 and 2 single player is a better story than ghosts......blops 1 multiplayer is good but blops 2 is the worst IMO....ghost has got a good multiplayer, having a better time playing and the best stats of any other COD multiplayer.
The maps arent too big for me....i rarely am in a game that goes to time limit, even on TDM....and the dying quick is normal for COD, its blops 2 that had crap hit detection and the need to reload after every couple of kills.

ZombieKiller1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Yeah really Fantasma, as if anyone didn't see this coming...

I hated Black Ops 2. I think I wanna be done with COD until they make a better game. As in, go away for a year and actually test the game instead of letting us test it for you. Besides there's always TitanFall :)

BattleReach1696d ago

I thought SH Games would make COD 2014.. maybe Black Ops 3 is made by both SH and 3Arc. A big part of 3Arc is working on Destiny so it is a possibility.

Freddy_Millz11696d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.