Is Investing in a Nintendo Wii U worth it or not? Part 1

Craig Roberts - So what does the Wii U have and what are the benefits? First the games, not that many, but what is available is quality over quantity, I have played and now own the following games,

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gravelchalice1702d ago

The WiiU is a great console to own. I admit it would sit most comfortably as a second console, with a PS4 for future & WiiU for exclusives, local multiplayer and console specific features. I have so much fun with it, with my family and friends. Some of the games I own are multi platform titles, they're just better on WiiU.

I regularly play these as multyplayer:

Game & Wario
Rayman Legends
Wii Party U
Sonic Racing Transformed

And these single player:

Mario 3D World
New Mario U
Pikmin 3
Wind Waker HD
Wonderful 101
Deus Ex HR DC

I haven't listed any of the 15+ download titles I own for it there. The WiiU's library is just fine, it just needs more third party support to convert more people. There are still a plethora of amazing games to come. Don't count it out yet, the 3DS was looking dire until a lot of work on Nintendo's end righted that wrong.

finite1702d ago

I am with you there in that .... what is Nintendoland actually like .... thats possibly the only one I have yet to invest in?

admiralvic1702d ago

Nintendoland is an amazing game if you have friends (liquor also helps) and want to have some low key fun. While I've never played it with others in the home setting (no friends or family interested in playing the Wii U), I did play it at E3 and it was an absolute blast if you can find 5 people interested in playing it.

Some games, like the Ninja Star game requires some skill and can get really fun if you get some people who're really into beating other people. Other games, like Luigi's Mansion and Sweets Day are really thrilling and are just a blast with the right people. Nintendo really knew how to show off Sweets Day at E3 by having everyone take a turn doing everything.

However, this is honestly a game that is really fun if you have other people. The few single player games aren't as thrilling by beating your own score, but it is definately a unique game to say the least. Its a shame, but understandable that the game sort of flopped.

abzdine1702d ago

it's definitely worth the investment. of course, check the games before cause Wii U is "different" in terms of everything, from gameplay to games to even audience.
I am a Nintendo fan and i am really enjoying this console.

deafdani1701d ago

It depends on your situation.

If you live alone, or if the other members on your household aren't likely to play a minigame compilation with you, then... no, I wouldn't recomend Nintendoland to you. $60 would be a steep price for that situation.

However, if people in your household are completely willing to play with you a silly and fun multiplayer game, then yes. I absolutely recomend it.

gravelchalice1702d ago

Nintendoland is arguably the best local multiplayer to hit the scene in years! There are games based on lots of the main Nintendo franchises. With a mix of single player, co-op & competitive play, there's a big chunk of game there. I'd say it's a must for any Wii U owner, it's much deeper than it first appears.

finite1702d ago

Thanks a lot for the feedback.. Ill have to grab it asap... to add to my list of Quality Wii U games

Vergil-1702d ago

For Bayonetta 2 and the inevitable Metroid, ehhhh maybe...

finite1702d ago

Beyonetta 2, is awesome, they you have X by monolith games... there much be a new legend of Zelda gaming coming to the Wii U...

Dravidian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Yes, it's worth it. It has good games out right now and plenty of games in the near future that look awesome. No more reasons for consumers to avoid it. And once the install base grows a bit more there will be no more excuses for 3rd parties to completely avoid it.

Eonjay1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

If third parties think its worth investing in then maybe, but as it stands right now, you are buying a Nintendo System to play Nintendo games and a handful of exclusives. Problem is if you want to play games like Witcher 3, Battlefield, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, or the vast multitude of multiplats, you have to buy another system. And no, you should not have to "buy them all" if you don't want to or can not afford it.

At this point a lot of people see the Wii U as an added expense with very little in terms of longevity or quantity. Its a Nintendo machine deigned to play Nintendo Games.

Can you really maximize your utility with Steam and Nintendo? I would argue the best combination is a Steam Box and a PS4

finite1702d ago

Steam Box with Windows not the cruddy SteamOS running Linux... and Nintendo... Why as the majority of Console games hit PC apart from the exclusive of coarse.

Eonjay1702d ago

I would say because Steam and PS+ have the best deals. Period. With Steam you get great deals and you get the quality of PC and free multiplayer. With PS+ you basically get buried in free games and a barrage of discounts.

Justindark1702d ago

nor can u play nintendos games just owning one of the other two or vice versa.

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