Games are a valid form of entertainment

I truly believe video games are likely the most diverse form of media entertainment we will likely ever know. It has evolved so much in its young existence, faster than film, music and any other forms I can think of. It’s a shame gaming seems to have a harder time validating itself than many other recreational activities. It is often stigmatized publicly when heinous acts are blamed on it and some of it’s more popular titles. Video games also have another, less vocal obstacle to scale, so many people still deem it a childish pastime.

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gravelchalice1700d ago

There is a great deal of debate that's been happening over the past few years, people asking are games art? There is no doubt in my mind, games are art. Some people approach the question with a more specific concept of what art is. I read a dictionary description of art that was:

The quality, production, expression or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

I've played many games that this description fits perfectly.

gravelchalice1699d ago

I was playing my Vita on the train this morning when a guy asked me "Why do you play those things, are they not for kids?" He couldn't see the irony in the fact that he was wearing a Disney World hoodie.