Retro Studios Hiring For New Project

Well, it’s that time again! Retro Studios are looking to hire themselves a new AI engineer.

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RmanX10001632d ago

Never been a big fan of Donkey Kong, so im hoping for something new.

sknygy1632d ago

I wouldn't mind Donkey Kong... in something new. But I'm bored of the same template Rare used in the 90s.

I say bring on something entirely new, something unique, which uses the Wii U and Retro's artists abilities to the max!

deafdani1631d ago

A new IP would be nice, for sure.

That being said, I'm totally buying Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze day one. :3

_QQ_1632d ago

Must be for that second team making metroid.

ritsuka6661632d ago

Nope. Retro next game is Donkey kong open world.

_QQ_1632d ago

Thats why i said the second team.

Neonridr1631d ago

where in that article does it say that their next game is a DK one? That article simply speaks about how Retro builds future games off of similar approaches regardless of genre.

No where does it say that Metroid won't be the next game.

deafdani1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Your reading comprehension is funny here. Nowhere in that article you posted do they confirm they are making a 3D DK game, nor a Metroid one, for that matter.

They're all just talking hypothetically.

Metallox1632d ago

Metroid! Metroid! Metroid!

Geobros1632d ago

I am a big fan of DKC series but ok......I would prefer a hole new Metroid for 3DS!!!! And one for Wii U of course.

Metallox1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

A third Donkey Kong Country game?! I kill myself if that happens again.

crusf1632d ago

Why all the Donkey Kong hate? Retro had there run in reviving the metroid series in fantastic fashion so its only fair there creative genius reaches new nintendo IP'S

Geobros1632d ago

We don't hate Donkey Kong but we want something different....If they could make another Donkey Kong and same time a Metroid that would be perfect. But if they develop a title every 3-4 years, I would prefer metroid this time.

jaymart2k1632d ago

I'd love a Donkey Kong 3D World/Land type game. 1st things 1st tho, a new Metroid game.

deafdani1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Funny how you condemn them for the possibility of making a third Donkey Kong game, yet you demand another Metroid, despite the fact that they already made three Metroid Prime games in a row.

Double standards much?

Metallox1631d ago

Donkey Kong Country, I mean. They are just wasting potential making more platformer games. I'd be happy if they make a 3D DK game. I'd prefer Metroid or something new though.

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The story is too old to be commented.