Gaming Your Way To A Fitter You

Gaming and technology have become an increasingly important part of our culture today. Video games get a bad rap, receiving constant criticism for encouraging unhealthy habits of sitting on the couch. In response to this scrutiny, modern developers have made the effort to start incorporating health and fitness into games and apps.

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Redinfamy1696d ago

Everyone think gamers are not in the mindset to want to become fit, bit we have a lot of resources at our finger tips every time we game. Motion gaming has helped a lot. I wonder what Sony has in mind for fitness this gen?

Vergil-1696d ago

Why not just go to the gym lol...

xHeavYx1695d ago

exactly, people already spend all day inside, they need to go out and play

FragMnTagM1695d ago

Some people can't get over being in the same room as people that look good already. Most people that really need to go the gym have a bad perceived self image of themselves already and it exacerbates when they step foot in a gym.

I have been to the gym many times and I am not fat or too bad out of shape, but I get those looks when I am not benching as much as I 'should' be benching and so forth.

Not everyone is cut out for the gym. Also, yearly and monthly memberships are pretty costly and if you don't know what you are doing, hiring a trainer can really add to your costs.

XBOX Fitness is pretty great. It removes the feeling of eyes watching you and it encourages you to do better.

ravinash1695d ago

Usally if I see someone in the gym who is overweight, the first thing I think is good on them....their doing something about it.

I'm sure everyone feels people are atching them, but often their not.
The amount of weight your lifting depends on what your aim is. body building or building endurance.

DEEBO1695d ago

It is good to have different workouts and xbox fitness is a great workout.
doing same workout over and over will not benefit you a change every month will have you seeing big gains.
Before i got an xbox one i was a jelly about ps4 not having a workout app.
hell i'm workout right now on my 60 sec break between sets then i'm going to do a quick ten minute cardio on xbox one.