What's coming to PlayStation Plus in 2014?

PlayStation Plus has been a staple in our diet for just over 18 months now, bringing fresh meaning to the word back catalogue and destroying people’s free time the world over. But is it possible to predict what might be coming soon to PlayStation Plus?

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TrueJerseyDevil1668d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kenshin_BATT0USAI1668d ago

Dumb article. Hotline Miami was already in the PSPLUS freebies.

cloud4951668d ago

Well yeah but only for US PS Plus not for EU.

UltimateMaster1668d ago

We know we are getting Driveclub.
The rest, I don't know.

admiralvic1668d ago

I don't know how anyone can disagree with you. This article is stupid.

Rayman Legends? The Vita version is practically the definitive version of the game. The newer versions might add new stuff, but the Vita version has the Wii U touch commands (something the new versions lack) and unique characters. Also, Rayman Origins went free as a way to hype Legends. Doesn't hurt Ubisoft to give Rayman Origins away when 50%+ of it is present in Legends anyway.

Tearaway? Awful logic. Tearaway could be a poster boy for why you should buy plus. Sony has done it before (Gravity Daze) and gave away other huge games with no paid DLC (Soul Sacrifice). As it stands, Tearaway could get a lot of good press by going for free, which is great considering it doesn't have the sales at the moment.

LBP? All previous LBP games have been free in the past. In fact, they've all been free with plus besides PSP, Vita and 1 in the US (was a promo add on in EU and a game in JP) and possibly HK too. A lot of blog questions are in absolutes, because vagueness gets questions. If I had said "No, but it could come in the future", then people would go "Could LBP be free with Plus soon?". By saying no, it means it is not up for consideration in the foreseeable future, but it could go free.

Liberation? Poor rationale.

Persona 4 Golden? They say no, but basic research says otherwise. There was a comment on the EU PS Blog that suggested BioShock Infinite and Persona 4 Golden would be free with Plus. Right now BSI is free, so that is looking very likely.

Borderlands 2? We don't know enough about the Vita version to comment on what motivation they will have to put it on Plus.

PS All-Stars? There is DLC, some level of demand and might be given as a last ditch effort. This seems more likely than Borderlands 2 ever making it.

Killzone? Again, this is something that they can offset by just marketing it a lot. Sony can make back a lot of money and good will by offering something like this when it hits a point where the sales are irrelevant.


Basically, I would have liked to see some bolder guesses and more interesting theories or at least something better than going against history for a single blog post and ignoring another blog post.

DrChickenII1666d ago

EU Based site, makes sense.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1666d ago

Is it? Oh, well there was nothing really obvious about that at all.

RosweeSon1668d ago

Yeah i wasn't sure if I'd missed hotline Miami in UK/EU Been holding for a free copy for a few months now please put it on EU PS+ other than that thanks to sony I think I own every game worth owning at the moment, not that I've got the time to get through them all at the moment, it's fun trying tho ;)

Phoebe_Bellert1668d ago

That Hotline Miami soundtrack though :)

matrixman921668d ago

those are some of the most played songs on my itunes lol

Soldierone1668d ago

Give me Metro, or give me death! (In NA) :P

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