Has Nintendo Let Slip A New Powerhouse?

No one will deny that Nintendo has had a rocky start in the current generation of consoles. With both the Wii U and 3DS underselling, as well as a lack of first party games as of yet, many would say that Nintendo’s current future is grim. The Big N, however, is focusing on other things. The company recently updated a domain they have owned for over 10 years called “”. This may not seem like much; it’s just a random website with Nintendo’s name in it, right? You may be surprised by the other piece of news that came out this week.

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R00bot1702d ago

I doubt Nintendo would let something like that slip, and the specs seem too advanced for today's technology to deliver at a cheap price range.
Nintendo Fusion sounds more like a 3DS game player accessory for the Wii U.

erathaol1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

That it does, releasing a new console would more than likely cause a huge backlash for Nintendo, even if its handled with the utmost care.

The general public who own the Wii U see it as the next generation console, if you release another, you'll betray them. They won't be happy to pay $300+ dollars again in such a short time frame.

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combatcash1702d ago


I don't think that would help either unless the credited the total amount that was paid for the wii u. I think they can do a lot with the system and have lots of time so they have to hang in there.

N4g_null1702d ago

This is a handheld device. Possible cloud tech for sending data back to the wiiu. Terminal doesn't get upgrade for another 4 years. 3ds games finally playable on wiiu? Wiiu becomes the projector.

Just a thought. We all know it's coming. The low end and true premium would be covered. Could smash be made with fusion in mind?

It is funny if this is true. It would mean future Nintendo devices could connect to form powerful local cloud networks in your home possibly letting one console play on multiple tvs?

What if Nintendo teamed up with Samsung for its displays an offered fusion e shop access and fusion hardware?

Why aren't investors asking for these things instead of copying limited plans from competition.

Ps4Console1702d ago

They are the biggest video game company in the world far bigger than Sony & Ms they been around has a company since 1889 first has a card company I think so don't doubt them .

R00bot1702d ago

Well, they're definitely the most successful (profits wise). They're not the biggest, though. Microsoft would hold that record. Seriously, they're worth, like, 200 times more than Sony and Nintendo combined.
But their gaming section is bleeding money.

Kevlar0091702d ago

"Nintendo Fusion sounds more like a 3DS game player accessory for the Wii U"

Nintendo did consolidate their handheld and console divisions several months back. While I'm sure it was more to facilitae better game development, it could very well have lead to functionality between 3DS and WiiU.

You see what Sony is doing with Remote Play, then you look at the use of a touchscreen with the WiiU and the idea of interaction between the two systems is natural

R00bot1702d ago

Yep, that was exactly my thinking. Also, they have made devices like this for previous consoles. The gamecube had a gameboy player and the SNES had a gameboy player, who's to say they won't do the same again?

higgins781702d ago

If this is true - regarding a 3DS player for the Wii U - then colour me excited! I rather stupidly traded my launch 3DS not long after, I must be developing a short attention span in my old age. As such I have since missed the barrage of incredible looking/sounding games since...this (3DS/Wii U player if true) would be just the tonic.

Must resist re-buying a 3DS...

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wonderfulmonkeyman1702d ago

I gotta contest that thing about 3DS.
Just because it isn't selling up to what Nintendo expected doesn't mean it isn't selling at a fantastic rate.

Having said that, I'm certain that Nintendo is working on a new console.
It's just that they won't release it until, like, 2017 or 18.

kneon1702d ago

The specs seem reasonable provided it isn't coming any time soon, it would just be too expensive to be viable for at least a couple of years.

The dual CPU could be their way of moving over to x86 while keeping the old architecture for backwards compatibility. And the Fusion DS seems to be essentially the Vita+PS4 approach. The more powerful controller would mean no need to limit it to only one per console since much of the work is offloaded to the controller/handheld.

wonderfulmonkeyman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

My only issue with how they explained the controller, is that it says in the report that it's using two circle pads instead of two sticks, meaning it would be more difficult to implement L3/R3 buttons.
That's a bit of a blow if true, and I hope it's not, or that they find a way to incorporate L/R3 into circle pads without them caving in from too much pressure or something.
Maybe they could slightly elevate them on whatever is supporting them so that they can be pressed down ever so slightly? I dunno if that would feel as good, but it's a solution.

And yeah, by the time the listed specs are viable cost-wise, it would HAVE to be another 3 to 5 years from now, but I do like the idea of the system using dual-processing via two CPU's. That would give Nintendo a big edge, especially if they modified one of the two to be backwards compatible with GC games as well as Wii and Wii U...

I do gotta say, though, that I don't think the new controller will be a Vita/PS4 situation.
The controller will probably be packed in and sold with the console, just like the Wii U's controller was, despite its ability to function as its own gaming unit.
It'd be a good idea to keep the two together, instead of making the consumer feel like they'd have to pay for two separate systems to get the most out of either one.

The battery power needs to be great, though...

kneon1702d ago

When I compared it to the vita+ps4 I was only referring to the architecture and functionality, not the business model of how it's sold. I would expect Nintendo to ship one with every console.

But because this new controller would have its own local processing capability they should be able to support more than one.

wonderfulmonkeyman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

That's true, but the question is, would supporting more than one be cost-effective?
I mean, it'll be able to function as its own unit, in this case.
That's gotta come with a similarly hefty price tag, if one were to try and purchase the controller without the system just for multiplayer purposes...
I would think that it would be more likely to have BC with the Wii U gamepad/pro controller, and Wii controllers of all sorts, since most people will have one of something along those lines...

N4g_null1702d ago

Think a new ds designed to
-run 3ds software with a detachable second screen? That works as a tablet for two player handheld games and 3ds support.
-project 3ds game play on to the wiiu. The new ds fusion becomes that second wiiu game pad while offering 3ds games with some possible upscaling?!

-not only project 3ds games on to the wiiu but offer extra power to the wiiu by becoming a local cloud terminal very much like a FX chip. This would be like a wireless video card concept. That doubles as a gaming device. Nvidia already has one.
- this could mean the more Nintendo devices you have the more power you have. All these devices could just connect wirelessly with a local network and no need for a subscription. The new terminal or wiiu replacement could be out in another 4 years to up the power even more.

-what if they end up letting you link the wiiu, fission ds, and fusion terminal for added power? You would have potentially unlimited game pad support locally, enough power in the wiiu to run at least two displays in normal had and the fusion terminal could run two 4kdisplays.
-expect a controller or ds designed to be a game pad for wiiu with some possible cloud boosting tech if ready and then a fusion terminal in 4 years to take on the true high end. Pc will be some where around 16tflops then.

The local cloud tech would be very cool. And nc bumping could even glue them together to work as one. A possible occlus rift add on and you have a perfect evolution of the console made to just play games.

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ReesesPuffs1702d ago

Seriously enough with these articles. How many articles have there been about the Nintendo Fusion in a week a.k.a. a console that no one even knows exists.

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KonsoruMasuta1702d ago

3DS isn't underselling, it's just not selling as much as Nintendo wants. I have to say that those predictions were pretty outrageous. The 3DS has outpaced almost every other Nintendo handheld in sales.

Realplaya1702d ago

Well The specs may not be right but the Moment they merged there handheld and console branches the next system started to be developed.

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