MGSV actor talks about playing Code Talker: complex Navajo dialogue, recording not done yet

One of the new characters of Metal Gear Solid V shown so far is Code Talker, a 100 year old man. Last year actor Jay Tavare revealed he'd be playing this role, while the actual face is created using a sculpted head.

Now, linking back to Metal Gear Informer's news post on his Facebook, he shared some more information about the process.

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Batzi1631d ago

Really hope Ground Zeroes ends with a new trailer for TPP!

SnakeCQC1631d ago

or a cutscenes that leads into the beginning of it

Summons751631d ago

Its gonna end with a massive cliff hanger which we'll have the option of playing again because its the prologue of the game, as Kojima said multiple times the tutorial to ease older players into the second part like MGS2.

Eamon1631d ago

I'll probably be skipping Ground Zeroes.

Phantom Pain will be the complete package and knowing that GZ is the prologue, it'll probably end on a big cliffhanger. It'll be too much torture waiting like another 6 months for TPP.

Not to mention, the price for GZ is a bit too steep.

Luke_fon_Fabre1631d ago

Skipping it? You could always buy it used like a few days before TPP and play through it; (I'm assuming it will be short).

Eamon1631d ago

lol what would be the point of that? Unless you get special bonus for transferring saves, I'd rather just spend on the full version rather than full version and prologue

Luke_fon_Fabre1631d ago

@Eamon There will be some kind of bonus for having a save file. And a prologue is still part of the game. Skipping GZ would be like not playing the Tanker chapter of MGS2 or the Virtuous Mission of MGS3. I'd question if you are that much of a Metal Gear fan if you weren't willing to play like 10 dollars for the game used.

Eamon1631d ago

lol, true that would be legit question of my MGS fan-hood.

But still, GZ is included in MGS5:TPP. I wonder if a used copy will really reach a low cost by the time TPP comes out.

Then again, I'll probably be super-tempted to get it anyway :P

Luke_fon_Fabre1631d ago

@Eamon Actually, it's seems clear now that GZ will not be included with TPP.

Eamon1631d ago

oh damn, really? Now I never knew that. That's weird and annoying.

It means I'll have to get a PS4 soon :S

Batzi1631d ago

GZ and TPP are two separate games. One is a prologue to the other. You have to buy GZ if you are planning to get TPP. And NO, TPP doesn't include GZ.

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Edi0071631d ago

I dont beleive 6 months but a 2015 release

CrossingEden1631d ago

Hopefully Kojima actually respects the Navajo and did his research about their culture.....looking at you David Cage.....the NAVAJO NEVER LIVED IN TEEPEES.

KakashiHotake1631d ago

I can't wait for the Metal Gear Solid to come out on PS4. Been playing Metal Gear Rising on PC and that game is freaking amazing. I know some people say Konami's milking the Metal Gear franchise but as long as they keep making classics then they can keep milking away.

Luke_fon_Fabre1631d ago

It's only milking when they don't change much from game to game. Final Fantasy, for example, wasn't milking the series with XIII because that was a great, yet mind-numbingly-repetitive effort. Then they made 2 sequels that seem to make no sense. That's kind of milking, but they did make those sequels different at least. Real milking is most smartphone franchises (namely Angry Birds) and also CoD where the game rarely changes much.

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