Nintendo Is Not The New Sega

Many people have been comparing Nintendo's current situation to that of Sega's in the late 90's/early 2000's. But if you know you're history then it's easy to see why that comparison doesn't quite hold up.

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BlackWolf1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

This is well explained. Everything that happened to Sega with the Dreamcast is stated here: a picture so much different to Nintendo's with the Wii U. This has been told many times, but it seems some people just listen to what they want to hear.

NYC_Gamer1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Nintendo does have a lot of funds in the bank..That's a fact but it doesn't mean the company can just keep taking loss without much profit gain...Nintendo does have to make profit on investments to keep their share holders happy.

Up_N_U1486d ago

why is people dissing sega? I still have my dreamcast and love it if anything if sega made a return rite now people would buy there system just because they want Microsoft out of the gaming industry.

BattleReach1486d ago

"Why is people dissing Sega"
"rite now people would..."

truechainz1486d ago

What is funny is that if Sega never went 3rd party we wouldn't even be constantly using it a an option for when a company is not performing well. Honestly why does everyone act like because Sega went through this that every other company that does poorly has to? There are other options.

fonger081486d ago

Generally because people take the easy route and don't think outside the box.

KevinCubes1486d ago

Can't respond too busy playing games the wiiu will never get like bf4, dr3, and killzone sf on my ps4 & xb1.

Korde111486d ago

"I can't respond" .........but you just did.

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