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Marissa and Shaun take a look at the latest Ridge Racer release. Has the shift to iOS done the series any good?

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Vergil-1632d ago

Someone had to do it eh? lol

LennyLovespuds1632d ago

The girl in the article image looks like she's got dat serious lazy eye shit going on.

Last_Boss1632d ago

Man R4, was the best of the series, and a great racing game.

andrewsqual1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I preferred Rage Racer. I hated the way in R4 you had to play the Grand Prix mode 320 times to unlock all cars and there was only 80 cars with 4 different varieties because of the different racing teams which they technically tried to pass off as 320 cars then.
Plus you had to deliberately lose races so you would get different cars when your team couldn't get enough funding, WTF?
Music was still great though :)

andrewsqual1632d ago

Does it have new music by the Namco Sound Team though like Sanodg? :)

MoveTheGlow1632d ago

It's all old music, including Sanodg's stuff. Nice enough selection, and they kept the best menu music, too.