Nothing For Money

OnlySP: And the ads for free.

So, apparently Microsoft and EA have been paying YouTube celebrities a bonus amount in their CPM. In the first instance, Microsoft agreed with Machinima to offer an additional $3 per thousand views to exclude negative feedback in any Xbox One discussion. Adhere to these rules and that extra $3 was yours. It got murkier when it was revealed that the agreement with Machinima was void if the details of the contract were disclosed. Microsoft claimed that they didn’t know about the non-disclosure clause in the Machinima contract. This basically meant that anyone who put a disclaimer tag on the video wouldn’t get paid – essentially stealth advertising. Second was EA, who had no such non-disclosure clause – which is basically traditional paid-for advertising.

While neither were about paying for positive coverage, they were about paying to eliminate NEGATIVE coverage. Either way, it’s money for advertising.

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Npugz71660d ago

Dice need to find a new publisher! EA is ruining there reputation.