Jet Moto 2124 Released for Original Playstation

Triverse writes, "Prototypes for Nintendo and Genesis games are quite popular but what about for the original Playstation? While there are not as many found and released, they do tend to pop up from time to time. Recently a prototype for Jet Moto 2124 was found and released by game preservationists at JetMotoCentral."

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PoSTedUP1632d ago

sick. im not liking a lot of the track designs compared to the older ones but some of them looked classic. awesome that they launched this, id buy it if it were on the ps store

Monolith1632d ago

I wish there was a new jetmoto the first is still awesome. Has the same twisted metal and warhawk sound effects.

PoSTedUP1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

errr. below @ you.

3-4-51632d ago

Graphics look good for a PS1 game, but the track design is AWFUL.

The Player hits basically every side of the track you can, and it doesn't seem to be his fault either.

Tracks are too narrow at turns.

Pretty cool to see though anyways.

PoSTedUP1632d ago

i was thinking the same, but also maybe the turning is off, or he just sucks bc you hav to slow down for some turns in jet moto. turns definately are way too sharp tho for sure.

PoSTedUP1632d ago

yeah i liked the first, the second one was great, too. i never played warhawk on ps1 but i still go back and play twisted metal 1 (fav one). never noticed the similar sound effects, then again, i havent played jet moto since the 90's.