Is Elder Scrolls Online making the right choice with a Pay2Play Subscription Method?

ESOHut Writes: "Probably one of the most talked about subjects regarding the Elder Scrolls Online on the web right now is all about the paid subscription method which Bethesda has decided to implement for this creation. Obviously, us fans want to play the game for as little as possible, we all have other bills to pay or other stuff we could do with the money instead, but then again you can’t really say that $15 per month is a lot to loose each month when you realize that you can be playing the newest and biggest MMORPG game to date for as many hours per day as you can cram in around your current lifestyle."

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cleft51483d ago

Of course not, the writing is on the wall yet they refuse to listen to reason. They are so caught up on how much money they believe they are going to make that they forgot you need to sell a product first.

Vegamyster1482d ago

Played the Beta for 2 hours then got rid of it, so overwhelmingly boring.

joab7771482d ago

I am probably wrong but is f2p really alot better than paying $15/month? In some instances...maybe. But so often their is also a sub model and microtransactions galore. U end up either missing content or having to pay much more than $15/month to play. I havnt played GW2 but very few games are $60 and thats it. I imagine it has some microtransactions, right?

I honestly would prefer to sub if its worth it. It supports the game and future content and doesn't create a schism so many f2p games do.

Ripsta7th1482d ago

Well this game you haveto pay 60 and another 15 monthly

Garethvk1483d ago

I think people will play at first but I am curious to see how many will leave after the first 60 or 90 days. Launches of games of this type are often buggy so many may take a wait and see especially since so many go free to play after the first year or so.

joab7771482d ago

Endgame content. It must b done rightand offer alot to do. I read somewhere that they have been working on fiture content for awhile now to get a jump on it.

generic-user-name1483d ago

No, this may work fine for PC but I don't see this working out on consoles. Maybe it's just me though, I love TES series but the second I heard it was subscription I tuned out.

ShinnokDrako1483d ago

Not at all. With all the great MMORPG out there, free to play (Neverwinter Online, Runescape, Aion, Rift, Dungeons and dragons Online and so on), why i have to pay for playing this one? Because it's one of "The Elder Scrolls"? Sorry, not enough. $15? They're joking, THAT's a lot. Even the huge WoW costs less.

theWB271483d ago

There is no right choice...there's a pretty vocal crowd out there who think games should be priced to make as little money as possible.

No Microtransactions(Even F2P games)
No DLC(Or should be offered for free)
No subscriptions
30-40$ downloadable only title cause it doesn't have SP

I'm glad the devs/Pubs stick to what they do cause if it were upto to alot of gamers this industry would collapse once they learn games aren't made with pixie dust and kisses.

CerebralAssassin1483d ago

I have no problem paying for more content and microtransactions are an optional thing. The problem I have with a pay to play mmo is that I already paid to play it. Now I have to keep paying to play a game I already purchased. Om top of that if I want to play on console I have to pay to play and I have to pay for xbl or psn. Really? So unless theres no sub fee on consoles I will not b playing this. As much as that pains me to say. Was very excited for this.

theWB271482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

MMO's have more upkeep with the servers and paying the dev team to constantly update the game with new content. That's just how MMO's work and I don't see any other way they could be done without that constant flow of money.

The part about the console isn't Bethesda's fault. That's Sony and Microsoft. Bethesda was pushing Microsoft to waive the fee (before they knew Sony too would charge) So we'll see if either of them wave the fee for this game.

; )

I know abour F2P not needing ps+, but do you have a link about subscription based games not needing it either?

sweendog1482d ago

You dont need PS+ to play any subscription based online games or free to play games. But I do agree with you If i buy the disc I expect to be able to play it without additional charge

sweendog1482d ago


I cant find a link have looked but it was along the lines of if the game is online only and you have paid full retail for it you have already paid to play it online, ill keep looking was ages ago. But on the link below that says F2P games wont require it there is also a bit added by Yosh that it will be up to publishers, so if Bethesda dont want it on PS+ like you said, it will be up to them.

KrisButtar1482d ago


"I know abour F2P not needing ps+, but do you have a link about subscription based games not needing it either?"

Final Fantasy 14 on PS4 does not require plus and it is subscription based


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Shad0wRunner1482d ago

Well said, WB! Bubble for you. ^_^

Today's gamers are spoiled little brats who want everything for free, or for less....on a golden platter.

I think P2P for ESO is a smart move. People can throw all the F2P MMO examples out there they want...but it's been proven that a solid P2P model works best, for these types of games. When you pay the devs a sub, they take that money and put it right back into the game; maintenance, updates, patches, expansions, etc... You get what you pay for! Even Square-Enix stated that theres NO WAY they could maintain FFXIV ARR with a F2P model. They have to pay the staff, on top of development costs. You think these people just work for free? LMAO.

Im already paying a sub for FFXIV and when ESO comes out...I'll most likely pay a sub for that too.

sweendog1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

What your saying is fine. But people arn't expecting to play this for free. If its P2P then the game should be free to download but its not. There are three busines models, first one is simple you buy a game and play it, second you download for free and pay a monthly sub. Or third you have it all free and add microtransaction. This game has got all three models rolled into one and you cant understand how people are pissed?

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