The Score: Should GameCube Games Come to the Wii U on the VC or as HD Remakes?

"We ask for your thoughts on how you would like to see Gamecube titles come to the Wii U. Would you prefer straight, cheaper ports onto the Virtual Console, or would you prefer an HD remake similar to Wind Waker HD?" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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iplay1up21397d ago

Both, I would like to see some games like Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion get an HD Remake, and others Like Mario Party and such just get VC release. Those types of games do not really need to look prettier.

Agent_00_Revan1397d ago

Agreed. Bring the biggest name games to hd, and the rest as vc ports. HD remakes take a very good amount of time to do.

SlapHappyJesus1397d ago

Seems like the best way to handle things to me.

ABizzel11397d ago

Considering the CPU is backwards compatible with Broadway (wii) and Gekko (gamecube) I don't know why it's not completely backwards compatible. But my guess is they wanted to do JD remakes of many of those GameCube games after seeing the success of them on other platforms.

XXXL1397d ago

GotHD exactly. good call

-Foxtrot1397d ago

If Luigis Mansion got a HD remake I would want them to add more rooms and stuff.

I would love it if they added a third and maybe forth mode after you complete your second play through with the mansion mirrored. Maybe one with peach trying to rescue Mario instead with other cameos.

I'd rather Nintendo release a HD Dark Moon for the Wii U....the sequel should of been on consoles to begin with.

sknygy1397d ago

I'm sure I heard a rumour a while back Dark Moon was being ported by Next Level Games. Sure they'll announce it in the next Direct or so if it's legit.

-Foxtrot1397d ago

Well hopefully thats true, I really think the Wii U should of had Luigis Mansion 2 as a launch game like the Gamecube.

It's not really a game suited to handhelds in my opinion, people have been asking for a sequel for years and when it comes it's only on handhelds.

sknygy1397d ago

I agree with you there.

I liked DM, but gave up after the second mansion as prefer to play games on a TV (and Gamepad!)

Concertoine1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Tbh id rather have an expanded luigis mansion. Dark moon was good, but the level structure was all disjointed because it was made to be played in segments on a portable. The original is like this one sitting, no load times exploration heavy game and dark moon is pretty much structured like a platformer.
I like both but for a console i'd prefer 1.

-Foxtrot1397d ago


I guess they could make an actual sequel to the game which is like the first game. It's called Luigis Mansion Dark Moon in Japan, no mention of the number 2 to imply that it's direct sequel, I suppose they could do what they did for the Super Mario Bros games and just have it different to the rest of the world.

Like Luigis Mansion 2 for the Wii U.

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higgins781397d ago

Both!? Now there's practical...

Virtual Console for me, because most Gamecube games - certainly the one you would want to play today - still stand up well visually, if of course you aren't a self-proclaimed "hardcore". The penchant for HD remakes is getting beyond a joke now.

iplay1up21397d ago

So you can't see a game like Eternal Darkness as an HD remake? Updated visuals and controls would make that game even better.

BullyMangler1397d ago


I really hope nintendo gives some gamecube and N64 games an HD upgrade then bring those games to the gamePad.

They dont have to go over board like they did with Windwaker 1080p HD, but yea.

waiting for the day the gamepad goes cLoud.

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tigertron1397d ago

A combination of both, release them as HD remakes, but release them physically and on the VC.

I've seen Youtube videos of Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion etc being played on Dolphin emulators in HD and they look incredible.

The Wii U could really benefit from having more remakes like The Windwaker. They should also add some extras as an incentive.

Zodiac1397d ago

I mean, if it's an either or scenario that you are supposing, then i'd rather have HD remakes, but i don't want dev time and resources used to basically make a digital HD library of the top Gamecube games.

Metallox1397d ago

No, only VC console releases. I' sick of those HD re-releases.

BlackWolf1397d ago

I would play them anyway. If the game can benefit from a HD remake, go ahead and do it, just don't abuse the strategy. If anything, it would be nice to see them at the VC.

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