6 Horror Games To Play As The World Freezes Over

BD writes: Did you hear? There’s a polar vortex sweeping across the country, The Day After Tomorrow style, and unless you’re brave enough to risk instantly freezing as soon as you step outside — like those poor helicopter pilots, they will be missed — the only escape is through video games. Or Dennis Quaid. Since we’re in for a deep freeze, with most of the country already enduring ridiculously low temperatures, I thought I’d come up with a list of horror games we can all enjoy.

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Hellsvacancy1759d ago

"the only escape is through video games. Or Dennis Quaid" lol

I haven't played Dead Space 3, I thought about renting it, but I didn't like DS2 very much, absolutely LOVED DS1, i've heard many times DS3 is even worser sequel

pompombrum1759d ago

Starting a horror games list by mentioning Dead Space 3.. it's enough to make horror fans weep.