LTD numbers of some PS3 games

Insiderp : "We have gotten ourselves sell-through numbers for some ps3 games, courtesy of an SCE employee. These sell-through numbers take digital sales into account alongside the brick-and-mortar transactions. The numbers are as of December 27, 2013. The numbers are all denoted in millions."

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Sammy7771633d ago

ps3 first party games dont sell. Killzone is flop! /s

Abash1633d ago

I am more interested in seeing how games like Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Twisted Metal, and a few others sold. I never doubted the sales success of the games provided in the article really

FamilyGuy1633d ago

Uncharted seems to be the only series that gained more fans with each new release. Really big increases too.

The GT 5 sales are pretty crazy.

GribbleGrunger1633d ago

If this site didn't have sales for the PS4 in Japan, I'd be more inclined to believe them.

Sammy7771633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

PS4 sales numbers are from Asia not Japan . PS4 have been released to many asian regions last year

GribbleGrunger1633d ago

Yep, I realised that but ran out of time to edit my post. Again ... silly Gribble.

thorstein1633d ago


Good to see someone else that can admit to making mistakes. So many people on the internet refuse to acknowledge a simple mistake.


Team_Litt1633d ago

Shame, Resistance started off so strongly. Also, what the heck is Sony waiting for with that Heavenly Sword sequel??

Sammy7771633d ago

Resistance 2 was just a bit too ambitious for ps3. I hope insomniac releases another resistance game though

KwietStorm1633d ago

I don't know about the story in Resistance 2, but I loved the hell out of the gameplay, especially the co-op mode. Bliss.

Lukejrl1633d ago

It was ambitious, I loved the game but what held me back from marrying it was the fact the enemies always auto targeted you. If you popped up from cover you were fading very fast while the guys on your squad just shat in their shorts.

ger23961633d ago

Sony owns the ip, I hope another studio takes over the resistance franchise.

Ultr1633d ago

Oooou damn, god of war 3 and ascension numbers are awesome.
So are the Uncharted 3 numbers.
If these are true.
Ascension digital sales have to be pretty high.

XANDEO1633d ago

It supprises me that theres not more people playing killzone online with those numbers, oh well at least I love it. It also seems naughty dog is sonys most valuable game studio, just look at the numbers 5,6,7 and I could see last of us doing 8 million.

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