Reven: Exciting Metroid-Inspired Game Coming to Wii U eShop

Reven is a 2D shooter-platformer inspired by classic sci-fi series as Metroid & Megaman, and best of all, it is coming to Wii U. Varia Games aren’t just making a tribute to the classics, but are also adding RPG elements similar to those found in the Crysis and Deus Ex series.

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mohuzas1703d ago

this game looks like something that i can play both at home and away, wish it got a 3DS release alongside the WiiU one though, guess i'll have to hope the Vita version reaches it's goal so i can buy that one.

sknygy1703d ago

I'd guess Nintendo are biting themselves for not getting Unity on 3DS.

I'm sure they'll get it on the next handheld (or Hybrid).

mohuzas1703d ago

well i doubt the 3DS can even handle it well tbh, it's pretty much a portable Wii specwise, but my cousin has a 3DS dev kit and from what i saw, getting indie games on the thing is pretty straight forward.

maniacmayhem1703d ago

Looks cool, makes me wish Nintendo would make their own 2D Metroid for their system.

brewin1703d ago

This almost looks like a Metroid spin-off. Looks pretty interesting, if still a bit early.