Why Any RPG Fan Should Play the Bravely Default Demo

The Bravely Default demo is without a doubt the most in depth demo that I’ve ever played, and probably the most fun. Silicon Studio and Square Enix really put a lot of effort into it. The Bravely Default demo is no ordinary demo, though. In most demos, you are given an early snippet of what you may or may not purchase. Silicon and Square Enix had bigger plans.

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klecser1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

This article is precisely why the internet is terrible.

The Bravely Default demo has a lot of problems, chief of which being that it doesn't tell you how to do anything. I'm all for exploring and figuring stuff out as you go. But the problem with this is while that is a-ok for experienced RPG gamers, the average player is going to be turned off. More sales equals a sequel localization and this demo may very well scare the audience needed to push sales over the top. Like MH3U for 3DS (also had a terrible demo), luckily the game is far better than the demo.

There is a fair amount of content for a demo...if you count the absolutely useless grind to Level 20 in the demo. If this is the most "in depth" demo that the author has played, that's a pretty sad commentary on the author's game experience.