Capcom confirms Monster Hunter 4 for the West

What Mobile: The day has finally come - Capcom has confirmed Monster Hunter 4 for release in the West.

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BlackWolf1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Yes!!! Yes!!! About time, Capcom!! This is gonna be awesome!

dedicatedtogamers1701d ago

Confirmed to have Online mp, as well.

A bit sad that we have to wait yet another year to get MH4, but it'll be worth it. MH4 was as big as a 'G' version, and now we're getting the G version release. The game is gonna be HUGE.

BlackWolf1701d ago

Indeed, the game will rock. I just hope to get my 3ds soon to hunt online. Also, it's good we're getting the G version. It kind of mkes it up for the wait.

Alex_Boro1701d ago

No it's not. They keep milking it.

WiiUsauce1701d ago

But if it was on the Vita, you cant wa8t!!

RaikRhythm1701d ago

I've played 4 in Japanese, and I'll be playing 4G when it releases later this year in Japan. Yes, 4 IS awesome.

Alex_Boro1700d ago

@WiiUsauce I don't have a vita. I have a 3ds, ps4, pc, and wii u. I don't give a crap about new monsters and paying an extra 40 dollars.

XiSasukeUchiha1701d ago

Yes capcom finally a good thing!

Craigatorian1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

3DS ONLY!!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHHH! I have a vita!!!!! They used to put Monster Hunter games on PSP, what happened!!???

PSNintyGamer1701d ago

Nintendo made a smart move and secured the title that made PSP a success

Ultimax1701d ago

"Nintendo made a smart move"
More like a Malicious move .

BlackWolf1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

It's called business. That's the way it is, for better or worse.

mohuzas1701d ago

Nintendo not getting 3rd party games is acceptable, but them getting some is somehow malicious, because fuck logic!

Blastoise1701d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with Nintendo.

3DS sold more units and costs less to develop on

Capcoms profits are down, it's obvious why they went with the 3DS as it was a sure way of maximising money.

Ultimax1701d ago


Business ?
The MH exclusivity deal is up till 2014 which is this year , let's see if this so called "Business" will follow us on the upcoming years .

And Speaking of "Business" , How does Fatal Frame Franchise has anything to do with Nintendo to own the game rights , it's all up to "Business" huh ?

This is why i start to hate Nintendo these days .

Yodagamer1701d ago

@Ultimax did you complain when sony bought exclusives or delays from third party when the ps2 was out? Probably not.

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BlackWolf1701d ago

Ditto to PSNintyGamer.

Also, Vita is selling too low compared to the 3ds. Capcom is looking where they can make more money, so, they made the game for the 3ds instead.

paul-p19881700d ago

Actually, Nintendo approached Capcom and made an exclusivity deal with them, and we all know how Capcom just sell out everything and water down the games in the process, so it was a no-brainer for them to do it.

Nintendo just saw an opportunity to get a big system selling game to fill the void in their line-up of Mario spin-offs and it worked for them. It's just a shame that because of that deal the fans, like me, who got Monster Hunter to where it is on Sony platforms have been shafted by them (p.s. don't tell me to just buy a 3DS for it, the rest of the line-up does nothing for me, Vita is my handheld of choice and is a million times better.)

Pinkdolphinyfg1701d ago

They went for the system that made more sense financially, i don't know why you guys feel like Capcom needs to be loyal to Sony or owe them something. Believe me i was a vita owner day 1 and was dissappointed when i found out it won't come to vita and i still am but im not over here acting like Capcom is in some anti-sony cult that just wants to see them burn like some people on here do (guy below me Ultimax). I realize that the vita is a niche device and wouldn't do good on the vita.

KonsoruMasuta1701d ago

People just don't seem to realize that. I love my Vita but I can understand why Capcom made this move. It makes more sense to go to the platform with the biggest install base. That way you can reach more people.

Big publishers and developers are obviously going to skip the platform that isn't doing that well. It's the same thing that's happening to the WiiU. When you make the choice to buy a price of hardware that isn't doing so hot on the market you should not be surprised when it receives less support than the competition.

LeCreuset1701d ago

Not that I disagree with you (I own both handhelds. What do I care?), but Capcom did start going downhill the generation they put more distance between themselves and Sony.

Yodagamer1701d ago

Heck capcom, from what i've heard, is appreciative on nintendo for monster hunter because nintendo helped them with distributing the 3rd on wii u, 3ds and the original wii (in europe).

VINNIEPAZ1701d ago

I still say Sony is INSANE for not seeing the popularity of this series and not trying to secure this game for Vita when they had a chance. Not a huge deal as I own both, but id rather play it on my Vita. I'm just glad Capcom is bringing it over here!

WiiUsauce1701d ago

Get a 3DS and stop complaining.

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LAWSON721701d ago

You can tell it is a capcom game because they love the word ultimate

GhostTurtle1701d ago

That shit looks pretty epic for a 3ds game. Good news indeed.

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