AMD Vesuvius R9 290x x2 Inbound – GTX 790 and GTX TITAN Black Listed

WCCF: The GTX 790, Nvidia's DUAL GPU Monster has finally been listed, along with its single card flagship the GTX TITAN Black. AMD Has aslso started prepping its DUAL GPU Beast in response: the R9 290X X2 Codenamed Vesuvius.

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codelyoko1702d ago

For all of you wondering the reason its called Vesuvius is because when running two of these in cross fire and playing crysis 3 maxed out will make your system emulate a certain famous volcano.

Volkama1702d ago

You're not wrong, that thing is going to be hot. Specially if there is going to be an AMD reference version of it.

codelyoko1702d ago

Haha i know. Dont worry i am sure AMD will ship it with LN2 coolers.

P.S: I Was joking in both comments.
P.P.S: If you needed to read my P.S to realize that you need help.
P.P.P.S: I like talking to myself.
P.P.P.P.S: Just so those last thre P.S's arent lonely.

windblowsagain1702d ago

True higher rez and aa.

Nothing more.

hiredhelp1702d ago

Yup the X2 was last used on the 4870 x2 this will pack a punch for sure.