The Five Most Anticipated Games of 2014

The gaming industry hit both high and low points in terms of success in 2013. Naughty Dog launched a ground-breaking intellectual property (IP) in the form of The Last of Us and Rockstar North returned with the fifth installment in the much-awaited Grand Theft Auto franchise. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ushered in the next-generation of consoles, with 2014 holding some promising titles to feature on them. With all this being said, we have compiled a list featuring the five most anticipated titles of 2014.

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Edi0071699d ago

The witcher 3 , the division , the order 1886 , X ,...

Mariusmssj1699d ago

any 2014 top anticipated list has to have Witcher 3!! It's just a must

Chase511699d ago

The division, destiny, the order 1886, watch dogs, and uncharted (hopefully)

lazyboyblue1699d ago

My top 5

The Witcher 3
Alien isolation
Watch dogs
Persona 5
Quantum break

Hicken1699d ago

Bonus points for Persona.

LAWSON721699d ago

Dark Souls 2
KH 2.5HD
The Witcher 3

This year just does not appeal to me for some reason.

reaperman1699d ago

I certainly wouldn't have put Titanfall in my top 5 games as it just doesn't look that good to me.
There are people who still believe Titanfall will be a system seller. The only system that you should even consider for this game should be PC and most people have one of those already. As it is going to struggle on the other 2 options.
My top 5 would have to be...

The Witcher 3
Infamous Second Son
Ishin (Hopefully gets a Western release)

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The story is too old to be commented.