Most overrated games of 2013

2013 was pretty bad all around in terms of not only video games, but also TV and movies. Still, critical overhype this year seems to have gotten worse than ever before.

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OMNlPOTENT1781d ago

uh oh you said TLOU was overrated here come the comments. No one can have any criticism about the "greatest game ever"!

Derekvinyard131781d ago

I liked the last of us but did it remind anyone of manhunt? Can't stop thinking of it. When playing

xHeavYx1781d ago

You probably only looked at the picture before commenting, or else you would have read that, not only the TLOU "opinion" about why it is overrated is weak, but they also shoot at high profile games like Biosock, GTA, even the PS4 and Xbox One

abzdine1781d ago

*look at the article thumbnail*


*Close the tab*

MestreRothN4G1781d ago

abzdine, did the same.

It's not about criticism, is about pure stupidity for fishing hits.

Boody-Bandit1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

The author admits to being a Nintendo fanboy giving his "opinions" about games that are not on the Wii U and his opinion on the PS4 and XBOX ONE hardware.

Sorry but it's my "opinion" that if you admit you are a fanboy you should not be writing articles at all. It comes off as you trying to validate yourself as not having an agenda before going on to your opinions. Why would you come out and say that if you are 100% secure in the belief you can give an opinion without bias and than go on to admit your a fanboy? That just makes me SMH

I also love how this site makes sure to let it be known that this is an opinion piece from the community and it does not reflect the opinion of this sites staff.

"This post has not been edited by the GamesBeat staff. Opinions by GamesBeat community writers do not necessarily reflect those of the staff."

Why would you publish a piece that your staff might not agree with? Disclaimers like that simply are a waste of time because any article published on your site directly reflects on you.

OMNlPOTENT1781d ago

@xHeavYx I read the article and I agree with the point it makes about the gameplay being.. boring. I'm not saying the article was great. I'm saying that you can't have a negative opinion about TLOU without being threatened by an angry mob.

FamilyGuy1781d ago

A self-proclaimed nintendo fanboy says a bunch of non-nintendo games are overrated?

Story Quality? WTF
Like this Website? NO

How ridiculous. "2013 wasn't a good year for games", yeah if all you had was a Wii-U. It only had 2 good games for the whole year.

ZodTheRipper1781d ago

This was the worst article I've read in weeks.

UltraNova1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Ok what games should I include in my most overrated list in order to get the most hits and subsequent fanboy nuclear meltdown?

How about the most famous and highly acclaimed ones?
Yep that ought to do it!

Skizelli1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

"Why would you publish a piece that your staff might not agree with?"

That's kind of the point. GamesBeat is formally, which was (co-?)founded by Dan Hsu. I don't think I have to tell you who Dan Hsu is, but one of the main reasons the site exists is to offer a place for the gaming community to express their opinions in journalistic fashion, whether the staff agrees with it or not. That disclaimer is given to all community opinion pieces.

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LennyLovespuds1781d ago

Well, it's just an opinion, obviously. But it's hard to argue that the CoD series is vastly overrated for its actual content and is no longer groundbreaking as it once was.

The Last of Us, however, it meshed video game and movie qualities even closer and delivered a truly amazing experience for the aging PS3. I consider it an insult to the game to call it overrated.

xHeavYx1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Right, not a chance that they are looking for hits, right?

ravinash1781d ago

You can't make a game that will make everyone happy.
those who don't like it will always say the game is overrated.

But where TLOU is involved, there is a large number of people who liked it and those who didn't at lest saw good aspects of it.

MysticStrummer1781d ago

Clearly many people think TLoU is at least one of the greatest games ever, so anyone who says otherwise should expect many disagrees. Your comment just shows you can't handle differing opinions without suspecting some kind of fanboy agenda, which is the sad state of gaming these days.

OMNlPOTENT1781d ago

TLOU is a great game for the story and atmosphere. Naughty Dog perfected those two points in the game. Tugging with emotions like that would be very difficult to create and I commend them for that. That being said, it felt like gameplay was an afterthought. Even worse, the fanbase is awful. No one can have a negative opinion of the game. For example, Gamespot's GOTY video where they picked a Zelda game. TLOU fanbase acted like someone killed their puppy because it wasn't their favorite game. Every game/console/anything video game related is going to have arrogant fans, but TLOU has the worst ones I've seen in a long time. Like I said though, I enjoyed the game. I just think the main point of a game should be its gameplay and I felt like the sections where you're actually playing were the worst parts of the game.

frostypants1781d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but others are entitled to tell them how stupid that opinion is. That's sort of the purpose of a forum, you schmuck.

NeloAnjelo1781d ago

You either haven't read the article or played the game... Probably both, but you're the first to spew BS

OMNlPOTENT1781d ago

this is what I'm saying. TLOU fans can't take criticism for the game! You just quickly accuse saying "you either didn't read the article or you didn't play the game" which both are untrue. I don't think the article is well written. I even said it was a fairly good game (only complaint is the gameplay). I just think the fans are completely awful and your comment is a great example.

ATiElite1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )


The Last of Us is the MOST OVERRATED boring ass game with weak A.I. and limited on screen enemies that I have every played that was hyped up to DEATH as the greatest game ever..

YES it has great graphics because NOT much else is going on in this linear Stealth Kill fest of a game. A.I. so WEAK that I stealth killed 100 enemies in a row with EASE!

Sure Sony fanboys will RAGE but after playing TLOU I found myself wondering did SOny fanboys actually play this simple repetitive game or did they just watch the cut scenes and go crazy over the graphics?

FarCry3 offered way more variable gameplay, better A.I. and just as good a story as TLOU.

dafegamer1781d ago

says weak "AI"
then mentions far cry 3 :/
peace out bro

jetlian1781d ago

Right on but it was mildly fun. Gaming journalist clearly let faults slide. TR,BS,GTA all got passes

NeloAnjelo1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Saying this...

"uh oh you said TLOU was overrated here come the comments. No one can have any criticism about the "greatest game ever"

Just leaves you open to attack... rather than make the comments you made further on, you say something generic and non-constructive about the game or article. Rather than stating this first you babble on about TLOU fans.

I know many who thought this game was generic.

OMNlPOTENT1781d ago

I admit my original comment wasn't very tactful, but either way TLOU fans aren't going to be able to take any sort of criticism. I've made constructive comments on different articles and gotten basically the same results.

BullyMangler1780d ago

name me one CREATEive game CHANGING IMAGINATION riddled thing about TLOU < perfect score ? LMAO and with AI worse than MGS for ps1 ? riiiiiite

NeoTribe1780d ago

Go figure, a article based on trying to downplay one of the best games ever made. Its no accident that the last of us has recieved over 230 goty awards. Hell, every game naughty dog makes gets goty. People on the opposite side of the fence just dont want to admit it. Luckily articles like this have no direct influence on the game, and it will continue to be remembered as one of the greatest.

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WeAreLegion1781d ago

Go ahead and read that first sentence of the article up there. Then, close the tab.

MestreRothN4G1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

No. Don't give it a hit. Also vote WTF and NO.

Much better this way.

WeAreLegion1781d ago

Sorry. That's what I meant. Read what it says from the preview on this page. Do the other stuff you said, too! Lol. Bubble for helpful.

InTheLab1781d ago

Actually, read the last paragraph and the game he chose is a game he's never played.

frostypants1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Yep, even that first sentence is written at a 6th grade level. I wish these 3rd-tier kiddie blogs would get regulated to a separate section of N4G.

MegaSackman1781d ago

Ummm... i understand that this is an opinion but it seems that the writer thinks he can speak for the entire world.

Milruka1781d ago

are you saying you speak for the entire world?

_QQ_1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Pretty much agree withe list, except i didn't play the citadel or gone home. Before the fanboys starting crying and moaning, actually read the explanations. Also remember overrated=/= bad.

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