Why You Should Buy a Wii U in 2014

Today, Martin Gaston (GameStop) tells you why the Nintendo Wii U is the console to buy in 2014.

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windblowsagain1635d ago

I would not advise anyone to buy a wii u.

Burrito26a1635d ago

I would advise everyone to buy a Wii U.

abzdine1635d ago

i bought mine yesterday and i'm loving it.
Gamepad is amazing!!!
Nintendo magic!
PS4 WiiU best combo ever

mcstorm1635d ago

I agree with abzdine the wiiu is an amazing console and very underrated. For me I have loved pikmin 3, Lego city, windwaker HD, sonic lost world, Mario word 3d, and even though the 3rd party support has not been the best I picked up bo2, Tekken tag 2 and FIFA 13 last year for it and they worked very well on the game pad and pro controller.

For me the 1st half of this year is about the wiiu and Xbox one and ill look to pick a ps4 up when a few more of the games I want come out on the console.

But I would say anyone who has a ps4 or Xbox one and fancy's another console look at the wiiu you will be suppressed at how good the console is. I know a few people who have picked one up over Xmas for the family and have said they have been more impressed with the wiki than they were with the Wii.

MNGamer-N1635d ago

Agreed. People who own WiiU love the system after they get their hands on it. Don't listen to the trolls, folks. If you enjoy playing video games how can you not have a Nintendo System?

ABizzel11635d ago

You should buy a Wii U in 2014 for the exclusives if they appeal to you.

cleft51635d ago

The WiiU as a console is great and has some fantastic software. I plan on getting the WiiU when X comes out, I think that will go perfect with my PS4.

With that said, unless there is a game that you absolutely wants to play I would say wait as long as you can. The reason is simple, obviously big changes are in the works for Nintendo. This could mean price drops of hardware or software. You might think it doesn't matter, but how much would it sting to buy a WiiU and then a week to a month later the price drops. It's a small thing, but it's enough to make you question your purchase. Regretting buying a console is the last thing you want.

JohnS13131635d ago

So you advise people to waste their money? Yikes.

Nodoze1635d ago

The WiiU is a blast. The exclusives are great, and as an added bonus all of your Wii accessories work with it!

My only complaints are that there is no network port (I hate wireless), and the game pad battery life could be better.

WiiUsauce1635d ago

I would advise only some to buy a Wii U, but not everyone.

Dehnus1634d ago

Indeed, it's this generations Dreamcast :).

ALl the Sony Fanboys hate it, but I'm really adoring it :D.

In 10 years all the Sony Fanboys will act like they owned one and behave like they loved it. Just like they did with the Dreamcast. With bullshit statements how Fifa looked better on PS2, while EA never supported the Dreamcast ;).

When pointing that one out to a Kotaku "journalist" he had me banned ;). Silly Sony Fanboys *hugs* we still like you anyway.

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R00bot1635d ago

Why not, windblowsagain?

Summons751635d ago

Why not, unless you're a troll what are your reasons? It has a great lineup for 2014, its a great system with a fun/natural feeling/ and potentially game changing controller.

So either you're a fanboy who never touched the system or you have a very good reason like the WiiU ate you're homework and kicked you're dog...then I'd give you the benefit of the doubt.

kneon1635d ago

There is a very good reason not to buy a Wii U, it's future is rather uncertain at the moment.

At a minimum there is likely to be a price cut in the not too distant future so you might want to wait. In the worst case the console could be discontinued.

I think it will continue, but third party support will all but vanish if Nintendo don't break out the check book.

Lord_Sloth1635d ago

Maybe it just doesn't appeal to his personal tastes. It certainly doesn't feed my inner sadist. I'm still on the fence about the system until I see the new Zelda and a new Metroid. Hopefully the new IP will appeal to me as well.

Summons751635d ago


It's one thing to not like a system because of personal taste, that's fine but to tell everyone to not buy a system because of the unbiased point is ridiculous. Even if you don't like a system to say it has no selling points that DO interest others and games that would appeal to others is comply selfish and fanboyish.

I don't like the Xbone and how MS is trying to pushing gaming to a cable box nearly DRM require machines with microtransactions galore but I'd be a fool to say that Titanfall is a great selling point for the casual gamers who are getting bored with Call of Duty, or Halo is always a game that shines and has great value, even XBL has nice perks to go with it.

WiiU HAS games that appeal to all sorts of players, Smash, Kart, Zelda for the more core nintendo fans of young and old. Mario, kirby, yoshi kong for the older players and new generation of gamers. X, ZombiU, Wonderful101, Bayonetta, for the dedicated gamers who want something that is a bit different from Nintendo. Most of those are due out (or are already out) this year which is a solid lineup alone. The controller has great potential for gaming, plus gives a nice benefit for people of the option of off screen play right out of the box with no internet require so either someone can watch TV while playing a game, have a significant other that doesn't want to watch a game, or a little one who wants to watch tv or a movie...Again, personally not liking the system because of personal taste but it's fanboyish and a poor reason for others to not enjoy the system because you refuse to try or ignore the facts.

KevinCubes1635d ago

Actually the Wiiu ate my dog Jeese R.I.P. to the best akita in the world.

Rustynail1635d ago

Great lineup my ass. Peeyew is a kid's toy.

Rustynail1635d ago

Great lineup my ass, peeyew is a kid's toy.

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Deeloc1635d ago

I advise people to buy PSVITA!

ABizzel11635d ago

This too.

Vita has a great library of games. Many of them may be niche, and lacking that huge AAA franchise name, but a great game is a great game regardless of the name or who makes it.

And with PS+ you have at least a months worth of content ready to play Day 1. You should be downloading the Vita content on your PS3 even if you're remotely interested in the Vita, so you'll have that huge library waiting for you whenever you take the plunge.

Vita is definitely the most underrated handheld/console this gen.

higgins781635d ago

Spoken like a true troll and somebody who I guarantee 100% doesn't own one. Ive owned a Wii U since early March and after a slow start i.e most console launches, certainly my current PS4 and if I remember will PS3, its at present a wonderful console and a breath of fresh air in a fast becoming predictable industry.

Good Gamepad, excellent OS and a (now) wonderful mix of games, some of which genuinely outstanding and exclusive only to Nintendo.

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WeaseL1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I agree Nintendo make good games but its the hardware that is the problem and not the games.

SlavisH21635d ago

i enjoyed my ps3 and that was weaker then wiiU

MysticStrummer1635d ago

Not really much of a point, considering when PS3 came out. I had boxes and boxes of games for my Atari 2600 back in the day, but if it came out today I wouldn't buy it not knowing what games would be released. I could say the same about every other console I've ever bought and loved, even PS3.

To be clear, what I'm talking about is buying an older tech console without prior knowledge of it's roster of games, as if it was a brand new release with no history and no guarantee of long term support.

weekev151635d ago

The hardware is capable of supporting great games so I dont see it as an issue. Will it perform as well as ps4 and x1 on graphically intense games? No. However it offers a unique way to play and I think its brilliant.

Also the 2014 lineup looks pretty special so far. But then it does for all 3 consoles.

MysticStrummer1635d ago

I feel for Nintendo fans, but of course hardware is an issue. If WiiU had come out with PS3/360 it may very well have won the generation just like Wii did but for different reasons and a smaller margin. As it is, the casuals who made Wii sell so well are not buying WiiU and harder core gamers aren't buying it either because other than the controller it's more comparable to last gen than current. Exclusives are great, and they are definitely a valid reason to buy a console, but in modern gaming the vast majority of games will be multi plat. Devs apparently don't want to go to the trouble of basically creating last gen versions of current gen games, while simultaneously coming up with ways to use WiiU's unusual controller.

mcstorm1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I still don't get this hardware issue people talk about. The psx, ps2, Wii and others had so called weaker hardware but produced amazing games. Its not the hardware that makes the console good or not its the software and the line up of games this year on the wiiu is impressive.

For example look at the psv its an amazing peace of hardware but dose not really have the game to back it up yet and its the same with the Xbox one and ps4 they have good games like ryse, Forza 5, kz etc but nothing special like we have seen on the Xbox 360 ps3 and Wii where the wiiu now has some special games like Mario 3d world.

MNGamer-N1635d ago

The WiiU hardware is not a problem for me. Maybe you have difficulty figuring out how to push the buttons on the GamePad? The hardware is solid, the machine never overheats, the GamePad is an amazing controller.

WeaseL1635d ago

I have no problem with the hardware but sales don't lie. I'll say it again "NINTENDO" has a problem with the hardware.

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Th4Freak1635d ago

I got the chance to buy a brand new Wii U WW edition + 3DS XL combo for $300 and I couldn't let it pass, so we'll see what is it made off.

deafdani1635d ago

What... seriously? What a steal.

Enjoy your new machines, dude. Wind Waker HD is a damn pretty (and good) game to start your Wii U gaming. :)

Th4Freak1635d ago

Thanks mate, I ordered it on Amazon so hopefully I won't receive a box filled with rocks (would be funny tho). I'm also looking for SM3DW but i'm not sure if $60 is a fair price.

Geobros1635d ago

If we speak for next gen, I think the best choice for 2014 is surely Wii U. It has great games so far and in 2014 we wait Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, DK Country, Watch Dogs, Cars and more.

MonChiChi1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I have one, but with everything coming out for the other systems I Will most likely pass up what the WiiU has to offer this year, hope I can squeeze some of the games in, but as it stands March is about to break my wallet hahaha.

Take that back I will be trying SB at least.

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