inFAMOUS: Second Son Won’t Have Multiplayer; More Details on the Upcoming PS4 Exclusive Shared

A few days ago a label on the official Japanese website hinted to the presence of online multiplayer in inFAMOUS: Second Son. Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on what side of the multiplayer fence you’re on), said wording is either a mistake on the site or indicates something different from actual multiplayer. Brand Development Director Ken Schramm clarified that while interviewed by the Taiwanese media during a stage event at Taipei Game Show, also giving additional details on the game.

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-Foxtrot1581d ago

Good, the game didnt need it.

Sethry1011580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I buy games for the single player, I dislike it when games give priority to multiplayer.

Multiplayer can be fun if its the right game, but devs should focus on single player first, not every game needs a multiplayer just so the publishers can make money off micro transactions.

Pogmathoin1580d ago

Yep, nice to see the emphasis purely on single player, no resources wasted...

morganfell1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

infamous is all about the SP. I am really interested to know more about the hinted changes in the morality system. I predict a lot of my hours disappearing due to this title.

I have seen that neon powers trailer more times than I can count. Dead Sara's cover of Heart Shaped Box was a stroke of genius.

Flipgeneral1580d ago


I think they shoehorn multiplayer as a way of curbing trade-ins for as long as possible

pyramidshead1580d ago

I'm so god damn happy. It means they don't have to waste resources by tacking it on. I'm always all for single player experiences that you can play again and again without needing to rely on a connection to play.

Fantastic news. Should be an awesome single player game.

ZodTheRipper1580d ago

This was too good to be true :D
But I'm glad it's SP only, for the first entry on a new hardware, multiplayer would be too much to ask.

Although I'd imagine that a competitive or cooperative multiplayer mode would be lots of fun in the inFamous universe so I hope they explore some possibilities in the future.

QuickdrawMcgraw1580d ago

If it's just single player and full price.I hope it's a 20+hr game.

badz1491580d ago

I'm ok with it not having any MP but UGC from inFamous 2 was kinda nice. I hope that it will be in this too.

minimur121580d ago

I can understand people not wanting the multiplayer, but come on, wouldn't it have been awesome basically haveing a 12v12 superhero fight?!?

Smoke v Neon or superhero vs DPD, protect the captured conduit

Anon19741580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Multiplayer's overrated in my opinion. Give me a solid single player experience any day. Sure it can be nice to have, but it's just another bullet point to me when buying a game, like "Offers DTS Surround Sound, and has multiplayer!". I can spend 40-100 hours in a well crafted single player game and still revisit the game after years, but 20 minutes of 12 year olds yelling racial slurs in 300th rehash of capture the flag mode and I'm done.

I'll happily pay full retail price for a well crafted single player experience of a decent length but the idea that I should pay full price for some tired ass multiplayer game that's a coaster as soon as they turn the servers off is a complete joke. Not gonna happen. Multiplayer games should be add ons or budget priced stand alones. Give me a Infamous, Skyrim, Fallout, Red Dead, Walking Dead, Mass Effect, etc.

FamilyGuy1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

The game already looks incredible and with it being open world you know there's already tons of fun to be had. I wouldn't mind a multiplayer if they could do it right. Infamous has never been a multiplayer game so I'm not disappointed but having extra play modes is always welcomed on my end. When Uncharted 2 came out I was in love with its multiplayer and GTA 5 (an open world game) is said to be one of the most fun multiplayer experiences.

Maybe they'll do it with a future release or something like a stand alone spin off or DLC. I always wished they'd sell some games with single and multiplayer separated. $40 single player, $20 multiplayer or vice versa depending on the game. They could do it digitally at least, just look at Uncharted 3 with it's PS+ Single player only and Free-2-Play multiplayer mode split.

I like the idea after the possibility was put in place.

Shadonic1580d ago

While I agree second son doesn't need it MP is in most games are more than just micro transaction cash grabs, I'm extremely excited for Destiny and its multiplayer as Bungies games have brought some of my best moments throughout my gaming life as I've talked and conversed with people from around the world and fought intense battles with fellow gamers and created friends as well. It really all comes down to if you can provide a great experience for the player or in other words is it fun ? The micro-transaction stuff goes overboard once its reached into something that affects the gameplay for all the players, aesthetic is ok. Once MP is being added in for the soul purpose of stuff like micro-transactions and DLC that's when everything goes to hell. There are also games like Halo and battlefield that are deeply loved for there MP ( when it works >.> looking at you EA) and have gained in popularity because of it as well.

ITPython1580d ago

This is excellent news!! I read the previous article and ranted on the possibility of MP in this game due to it diverting too much focus from the SP experience. But deep down I was convinced they were going to tack on some form of MP because that is what everybody else is doing these days.

I am SO glad they are not going to water down the SP experience for a MP mode! SuckerPunch get's a +1 for not following the crowd and not suckling on the tantalizing micro-transaction teet of today's gaming culture, which has been perpetuated as the norm by grubby companies such as EA and Activision.

Now we can all look forward to a nice lengthy and focused SP experience that will be absolutely mind blowing, detailed, witty, well thought out, and beyond fun! This is a huge win for gamers who still appreciate SP only games, and an even bigger win for Infamous fans!

Ares84HU1580d ago


It's enough that they forced it on Uncharted and Tomb Raider. Good thing they didn't force it on inFamous even though idiots where crying for it.

Some games just don't need mp.

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EmptySkyForm1580d ago

The game doesn't need multiplayer but it could be a better game if it did have multiplayer and it was good. And even if the multiplayer is bad it doesn't affect the single player campaign at all.

iamnsuperman1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Well resource allocation would beg to differ. Even making a tact on multiplayer component that doesnt fit with the type of game will require money, Man power and resource allocation taken from what would have gone into the single player

Baka-akaB1580d ago

You dont create multi ressources out of thin air , so of course it can affect the sp part , quite easily in fact .

It forces you to make sure your engine is mp ready to begin with , possibly making you let go of a few cool effects and features that would harm the mp

It divert staff and funds toward mp ..

And when said mp is bad , instead of having people just grateful the sp is still great , and having mp as a bonus .. it sour their perspective and could even lead to lowered review score .

And they you've got the effect on DLC . Instead of solely getting single player DLC that might further the story , or add fun to it ... instead to further the game's shelf life , they'll prioritize crap weapon , new levels and mode for the MP .

It's not always bad , but there arent that many studios good at juggling both , and even less great sp focused game with a good extra mp component

pyramidshead1580d ago

There's always a chance that the next one could be. A lot like how Uncharted suddenly gave into multiplayer in the end.

This is a first wave game so Sucker Punch have a lot of time to figure out a decent multiplayer(if needed)to apply to their game. The gen has just started, anything could happen.

I just want a solid base single player game from the get go. There seems to be a worrying trend of multiplayer only games coming into this gen.

Ares84HU1580d ago

@ iamsuperman and Baka-akaB

Funny you guys say that. When I said the same thing when they announced that Uncharted 2 will have mp, people started yelling at me and I got tons of disagrees because everyone said that the sp will in no way, shape or for will be affected. I told people that money that could have been spent on a longer, better single player is now spent on mp (not saying U2 single player wasn't amazing because it was but it could have been better and longer). EVERYONE disagreed with me. Every single person. Nice to see that people finally realized what I've been talking about for years. But to me this whole thing looks hypocritical. It's like whatever game we get from Sony, people will justify it.

Not saying I hate Sony, don't get me wrong. I'm a huge Playstation fan but this is just laughable.

Xalaris1580d ago


This is N4G, a land of hypocrisy and fanboyism to the extreme. Your logic isn't wanted here, stranger! Best get to being cynical and use useless excuses to justify the means as soon as possible.

Disagree away, you know it's true. This website's comment section has no credibility whatsoever.

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Axios21580d ago

Should be a $40 game then, according to the fanboys on the TitanFall articles.

gaffyh1580d ago

What, if it has no multiplayer? So Skyrim should be $40 too? And Mass Effect?

pedrof931580d ago

Well there is Co-op on ME.

Ittoryu1580d ago

@pedrof93 There is no Co-Op in ME at all, ME3 has a Multiplayer but no Co-Op just because the MP has no PVP doesn't make it Co-Op.

DragonKnight1580d ago

The difference between a full priced SP game and a full priced MP only game is that an SP game has a lot more work put into it than an MP only game and that's why a full price is justified.

Titanfall should be $40 because it's an MP only game and how many MP only FPS games do you know of with a deep story, great characters, etc.. that have to be present in an SP game?

MikeGdaGod1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

i couldn't disagree more....i buy most games for SP....not MP.

AC:BF is a great example, i've put countless hours exploring the world, but i haven't even attempted to play MP, i have no interest.

and games i have that are geared towards MP, like BF4, get very little time allocated for them.

this is perfect to me

GarrusVakarian1580d ago

Yeah i guess the next Elder Scrolls and the next Fallout should be $40 too then huh? /s

If you feel you are going to get $60 worth of play out of Titanfall, then go for it. If not then wait for a price drop. Same with Infamous SS. Simple.

fenixrisingxl211580d ago

@DragonKnight With all due respect, where are you getting this 'an SP game has a lot more work put into it than an MP only game' theory?

Following that logic, if Naughty Dog announced a multiplayer-only title, according to you, it wouldn't be worth sixty dollars, since it would be obvious that Naughty Dog didn't put as much work into it as Sony Santa Monica did God of War III, regardless of the two- or three-year development cycle it would take to produce such a title, or the dev team's pedigree.

Luckily, I've been able to purchase both a PS4 and an XB1, so I should be enjoying both Infamous and Titanfall in two-month's time.

Either way, I'm confident both will be worth the sixty-dollar price of admission, even if they scratch different itches.

Axios21580d ago

A lot of ppl are forgetting

Titanfall comes with a $10 credit for pre-ordering off MS store

maniacmayhem1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )


"The difference between a full priced SP game and a full priced MP only game is that an SP game has a lot more work put into it than an MP only game.."

That couldn't be anymore of a illogical statement if I ever read one. How does more work go into an SP only game? Do you personally know how much time has to go into MP?

The same amount of time goes into a MP game if not more. You are dealing with balance issues, stress testing, more QA involvement, multiplayer level design, tweaking of health and character classes, not to mention all the other production that goes into multiplayer.

Such a funny way of thinking that MP is considered less of a game because it doesn't have a SP tacked on to it. I'm sure COD: Ghost or BF4 SP was the most engaging story ever.

Should we also demand games that have SP only be $40? I demand that Beyond: Two Souls be $40 because it had no MP.

SpideySpeakz1580d ago

Most of singleplayer only games are the best games of last generation. Skyrim, ME1-2, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Deus Ex, Heavy Rain, Metro: Last Light, Bioshock Infinite,DmC, Dishonored, L.A. Noire, Dragon Age1-2, God of War series, Just Cause, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, SW: Knights of the Republic 1-2.

The very excluding of MP allows developers to work more on the singleplay experience. I mean, most of these games I listed are the best games anywhere, and most were all $60 at start. You're probably to much of a bind fanboy to realize this.

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DevilishSix1580d ago

exactly concentrate on single player because that is what this game is purchased for.

SnotyTheRocket1580d ago

The Last of Us or Uncharted 2 didn't need it, but they where good anyway.

-Foxtrot1580d ago

Yeah because they arn't open world games, it's harder to do it in open world games when you are trying to make this complex, rich world full of detail.

With an open world game you have to make sure that what you put into this map is going to keep gamers going for a long time....wasting resources and money on multiplayer could take stuff away from the single player.

I think people above have explained it better then me.

Not to mention with Uncharted 2 and Last of Us those were games where an online mode would be suited for it. With inFAMOUS SS theres nothing you could do with it and experimenting on things would again be wasting time and resources.

IIC0mPLeXII1580d ago

The multiplayer in those games sucked.

Jus Sayin.

wsoutlaw871580d ago

The last of us multi was actually really fun.

scott1821580d ago

uncharted and the last of us were my fav multiplayer of last gen...

I'm sure infamous multiplayer could be great too, I'm glad they are focusing on single player though.

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Detoxx1580d ago

When a game is singleplayer only: "GOOD, the game doesn't need multiplayer!".

When a game is multiplayer only: "NO BUY BLABLABLA NO SINGLEPLAYER"

N4G logic.

-Foxtrot1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Because Multiplayer only games are usually the same crap over and over where the replay value comes from you wanting to level up or finding it addictive but a single player game is crafted in a way which tells you a story or offers you a ton of replay value based on what the GAME offers, not you

If a Multiplayer only game got DLC it would be the same old Maps - Weapons - Skins - Modes....thats it

If a Single Player only game got DLC then it could be anything, more missions, bigger worlds, longer story, new items....basicaly something to keep you going for a very long time

Hicken1580d ago

Some games really don't need multiplayer. Thus is one of them. There are whole genres that have no need for multiplayer, like JRPGS. So it's good that developers don't waste time and resources coding for something not needed.

Some games should have singleplayer, if only to give the game some sort of value when the multiplayer aspect is unavailable. If you hasn't no internet, or the servers are down, that game becomes useless. Of course, this is also genre dependent, as it makes NO sense to give an MMO a singleplayer component.

Please stop with the blanket comments that don't actually say anything worthwhile.

theWB271580d ago

All you posted was simply nonsense. It's game specific. All it sounds like you did was give an excuse as to why this doesn't have MP.

If ANY genre should have MP then open world is the prime environment to do so.

"Some games should have singleplayer, if only to give the game some sort of value when the MP aspect is unavailable."

If the singleplayer aspect is downright awful then it doesn't make a difference. I see no point in Respawn wasting dev time on what could equate to a 4 hour campaign.

Basically gamers are cherrypicking what games should have what and how it should have this and that mode. There are games that don't need to have either SP/MP and that depends on what the devs choose to put their resources towards.

If a gamer doesn't like that choice then buy another game. Simple...crying about what it should have because it fits the narrative is stupid.

wsoutlaw871580d ago

I dont know why you think thats an apples to apples comparison and bad logic. Its obvious people greatly enjoy and value sp and are tired of the same mp over and over. If you like sp games then of coarse you are going like sp only games and not mp only games. Its not complicated, at all.

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RexFury1580d ago

Came here to say this.

KillrateOmega1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I feel the same.

However, another user here proposed a multiplayer scenario in which players take controller of a conduit and are given the ability to customize said conduit's appearance and power set. They would then face off against another team of conduits in a closed-off section of Seattle.

I firmly believe that inFAMOUS should remain single-player only, but I find myself strangely disappointed that we'll not be experiencing the aforementioned scenario. This isn't because I want inFAMOUS specifically to become something different, but because the general concept sounds cool.

ColeMacGrath1580d ago

I agree, some games are better with SP only and would be terrible with MP. ie: Skyrim.

bryam19821580d ago

i like rice and beans :-D

3-4-51580d ago

I LOVE multiplayer.

Most games don't need it though.

A lot of Dev's seem to try to be that "jack of all trades" game that does a little bit of everything.

The problem is hardly any ever find the balance to get it right.

* Games like this should just focus on giving us the best single player experience possible.

Ashby_JC1580d ago

The only time I have a problem is when mp is added to a game that started as a sp...two examples are..

Bioshock 2
Mass effect 3

Not once did I and I am sure others think...ohh I wish this game has mp!?

Certain games you expect a mp. Cod, bf come to mind.

Infamous I think sp. I'm glad they focused on mp.

As for titanfall. They explained why it's mp only...and I'm fine with that.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1580d ago

To all the people saying "good, it doesn't need it..." OR "good, not every game needs a multi player"

Remember that's how we feel about TitanFall. You know, the game that has won the most awards ever at an E3. The one that is MP only, but people are crying their eyes out saying how it NEEDS a SP.

No.. no it doesn't. Just like Infamous doesn't need a MP. Not every game needs things. There are plenty of them that do it both.

Ashby_JC1580d ago

I agree. Like I said in a earlier post. They...respawn were pretty clear..why there is no sp.

Everyone is not going to agree. But I read so much about games like cod or bf most don't even play the sp.

I don't have proof but I suspect that percentage wise it's low on how many actually finish the sp on a mp heavy game.

Gunstar751580d ago

Lol... I wanna say that you have no friends...but....sometimes single players games have a place... Lol


Hopefully it will be Better that it's predecessor .....

JoGam1580d ago

Listen.... I'm cool with it having no mp but to say multi-player is over rated is wrong. The game is awesome already but multi-player would have had it even better. Options is the key here.

Gamer19821580d ago

Multiplayer can take away development time away from the singleplayer player experience so thank god.

Blaze9291580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

i love how everyone is saying inFAMOUS is all about the single player...when there's never even been a multiplayer component to judge from. Who knows, MP in this series could be dope. What do you say to Uncharted then?

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PR_FROM_OHIO1581d ago

Thank you!!! This game doesn't need multiplayer!!

Kivespussi1580d ago

It sure doesn't NEED one but if it would be done well and most importantly wouldn't affect single player it could be a nice extra feature. Sure, single player is where the heart of infamous series is but MP mode wouldn't be that bad...

EmptySkyForm1580d ago

Ah, that's a bit disappointing. Every game can better as long as the multiplayer is good. And even if the multiplayer is bad that doesn't take anything away from the single player, they should've tried it. I even thought it could be like a Vs multiplayer, with level ups that unlock new abilities in the game, conduit clan battles and stuff like that. Maybe in the next infamous game.

Chris5581580d ago

i think tackled on is never good.. i would rather see devs spend their time and resources on perfecting single player than giving mp in games which doesn't need

KevinCubes1580d ago

who is that chick in avatar slot.