Hi Tony Hawk Old Friend, It’s Time To OlliOlli Back

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude thinks on the back of the success of OlliOlli Tony Hawk should make a comeback

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BattleAxe1702d ago

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1-3 were some of my favorite games back in the day. I wish Activision would get serious about this franchise again.

3-4-51702d ago

We need Skate 4 now !

FITgamer1702d ago

I wish they made a BMX game. The sport has progressed so much more than skating could be an awesome game.

Outlaw19861702d ago

I like the skate controls so I hope skate 4 comes to ps4 or Xbox one.

Yi-Long1702d ago

Hopefully this time without the DLC-crap.

vakarian751701d ago

I want another Tony Hawk's underground.