Yakuza Producer: PS4 10x More Powerful than PS3; Big Difference in Graphics and Smoother Battles

When Sony Computer Entertainment introduced the PS4, the company boasted that the new console was ten times more powerful than its predecessor. Apparently the legendary producer of the Yakuza series Toshihiro Nagoshi agrees, as he told the local press at during a stage event at Taipei Game Show.

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younglj011552d ago

10x more powerful then PS3? yea right and if thats the case then I can't wait too see UC4...

ANIALATOR1361552d ago

mark cerny said they were aiming for ten times the power...

pedrof931552d ago

10x the power doesn't necessarily translate in 10x better graphics. There are others thing have in mind.

Like: Physics, number of AI, Draw Distance, Multi-tasking (Party chat, downloading, streaming). Ten time the power incorporates all of this.

hay1551d ago

True, but it increases pleasentness with the experience in overall. Even not-yet-next-gen Killzone, Knack and Assassin's Creed have that extra visual fidelity. Knack would've run on PS2 easily, but wouldn't look as cartoony convincing as it is now.

UltimateMaster1551d ago

PlayStation always aimed for 10x the performance even from PS2 to PS3.

wsoutlaw871551d ago

I dont think some people understand that with 2x the power youre not going to visually see that " hey that game looks 2x better" graphics dont scale like that. Every generation has been 10x and thats what they shot for again this gen. I dont get why anyone would not believe that. Just look at iphones the gpu gets twice as powerful every year but that doesnt mean you notice a huge difference.

Section81550d ago ShowReplies(1)
Walker1552d ago

Only ten times ? pre-order canseled :P

reaperofsouls1551d ago

@ walker

obviously ur and xbone troll with a statement like that

RioKing1551d ago

@ CapraDemon

obviously someone can't sense sarcasm and take a joke

PS4isKing_821551d ago

Someone's sarcasm detector is broken.

imt5581552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Yep! Here it is :

@ Jimmy Fallon show ( 10x - from 0:22 ) :

NeoTribe1551d ago

I heard mark cerny say you can upload your share vids to youtube aswell as twitter and facebook. Why isnt this a reality yet :( hell i just wanna be able to share my vids with people on my friends list. I dont have a twitter or fb so its like i cant do anything with my saved vids. Less im missing something?

imt5581550d ago

On Youtube, you can't upload video ( for now ), on Facebook you can.

Section81550d ago


He did say in a video interview that you could upload to youtube. That's what we're all waiting for.

LightningMokey1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Wasnt Gran Turismo 5 shown in 4K using 4 ps3s? When you think that was done on 4x the power... holy shit to 10x.


Shakengandulf1552d ago

So the ps4 is capable of Gt5 in 4K with headroom?

LightningMokey1551d ago

Depending on how the moderate the GPU and CPU as well as SOME cloud sourcing... yeh.

SprigganN4G1552d ago

Doubtful, PS3 is around 400 GFlops, PS4 is around 2000 Gflops: 2000/400=5. PS4 is around 5 times the PS3.

PS3 runs games on [email protected], 720P is 4 times less 1080P, so, Next Gen is: Same 2005 to 2013 games BUT in [email protected]

LightningMokey1552d ago

Power is never shown in the first two or three years. Look at launch games of PS3 and the end games of PS3 and youll see what I mean. Look at Resistance: FOM vs Last of Us

Burrito26a1552d ago

Just because the numbers you think mean something don't add up, it doesn't mean it isn't 10x more powerful.

snookiegamer1551d ago

I agree...and since when did anyone on N4G know better than the developers.

As far as I know, Yakuza developers are not owned nor tied to Sony, so why would they exaggerate?

It's laughable that people who only play consoles, seem to think they know as much or more than the developers who create the games??

Jokers ;/

imt5581552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

How about GPU's, SprigganN4G


LightofDarkness1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Overall output is about 5 times, yes, but you have to look at how that power is distributed to see the full story. The GPU is nearly 10x more powerful than the PS3's, meaning this console is far more suited to gaming applications than the PS3. You could say it's almost 10x better at rendering games. Now that doesn't scale directly with how impressive you can make a scene look: as you start to get more advanced with techniques you require more power for less overall improvement, so Uncharted 4 won't look 10x better than 3 but it will definitely be using more advanced techniques and will probably be 1080p/30.

I imagine most games will have 2x-3x more detail due to most games being 1080p (1080p has 2.5x more pixels than 720p). The increased RAM means games can be much bigger and more open, though, with more seamless worlds. This is the part of the game that pure GPU/CPU numbers aren't as good at indicating, as it comes down to memory capacity. I would expect te next Uncharted and other such games to be a lot more open than their predecessors.

snookiegamer1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )


When you get a PS4 development kit and start making 5x better than PS3 games...

Maybe people will take you more seriously ;/

spectyre1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

So a late last gen game like Tomb Raider couldn't possibly be 1080P averaging 60FPS very early in the console life. Got it.

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