Warframe Producer Claims Success on PS4, Predicts Big Year For Free 2 Play Titles On Sony’s Console

It's already known that the free to play shooter Warframe has achieved a sizable degree of success on PC, but what about the PS4 version? According to Associate Producer Pat Kudirka Sony’s new platform is another fertile ground for the game.

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pedrof931513d ago

Glad the game is successful. Thought it didn't captivate me.

RenegadeRocks1513d ago

I am totally hooked. The game is pure awesomesauce. Playing it more than KZSF+BF4+AC4+REsogun combined ! A Total surprise :D !

cleft51513d ago

I love the game and the new update is great.

thejigisup1513d ago

Most people I know that don't like the game really didn't give the game much of a chance. This game it's addictive and fin, very challenging as far as clans go the events are a tin of fun to participate in and they update this game frequently ntm it's free . This whole cicero operation of totally fun and just add another dimension to the deserves the praise it gets and people should really give it an honest go

moujahed1513d ago

I was hooked, now they added trophies and I'm addicted.

ABizzel11513d ago

I finally realized what this game reminds me of, outside of Dark Sector.

Shadonic1513d ago

I dont see it also the creators of warframe worked on Dark sector.

ABizzel11513d ago

I know they worked on Dark Sector, it might be the name, but I for some reason I kept thinking it was this game finally getting released.

FamilyGuy1513d ago

I've been curious if they were actually profiting decently off this game, I hope that's what they mean by successful because it is designed in a way where you never have to pay. It'd be nice to know that people who are really enjoying the game are showing some support to the devs, even if just a little.

I want to see more game like this come out, free-2-play in a true form.

iceman061513d ago

Yeah, I believe that although you don't have to pay, there are many people (at least that I see when I play) that are at least spending a modest amount of money. I see many frames that are either not available to newcomers or extremely difficult to farm and are too expensive to buy off the bat. You see a Nekros with a Braton, Skana, and Lato, you pretty much know that money was spent.

Jubez1871512d ago

League of Legends is the most played game in the world by a huge margin and it's also 100% free. The only thing you can buy pretty much are aesthetic skins that do 0 game play wise. People don't mind supporting things they love. 30 dollar skin? Sells like hotcakes.

FamilyGuy1512d ago

Oh that's cool and good to hear.

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XiSasukeUchiha1513d ago

Game is sucessful on PS4 can't wait for more info

Axios21513d ago

Title is misleading

Success on PC and PS4

theshredded1513d ago

Can someone tell me if there's pvp?I haven't seen or heard of pvp in the game if not then is the online like Resistance 2 coop?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1513d ago

Apparently there is I haven't looked into it but it's the conclave missions that you can apparently PvP in

sigfredod1513d ago

Yes it's the conclave missions

dantesparda1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Whats PvP mean (cuzthey also have that in DCUO [PvP/PvE]). Heck whats PvE mean to?

Edit: nevermind i already looked it up

DiRtY1513d ago

indie and free to play overload IMO.
This bubble will burst just like Zynga games.

Free 2 play and pay 2 win are NOT the future of gaming.

GribbleGrunger1513d ago

You are right ... Choice is the future of gaming.

MonChiChi1513d ago

F2P is here to stay, may not be the future but it is not going anywhere.

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