Outlast's Trophy List is Shockingly Bland

Hardcore Gamer: While Outlast isn't set to release until February 5, you can check out the trophy list today.

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admiralvic1637d ago

While I was going to play this game regardless (because PlayStation Plus is awesome and this will be free next month!), I got to say I like the trophy list. This list feels true to the genre and doesn't expect me to change how I play (like using a 2x4 to beat the game), but to simply survive.

sGIBMBR1637d ago

I hate those kind of trophies (beat the game with only a certain weapon) it's a cheap way of adding longevity to a game.

I play a game how I like to it, I don't aim for trophies, I just appreciate the ones I pick up along the way :)

MidnytRain1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

How can you hate something you never do? Arbitrary trophies are only a problem for the people that go out of their way for achievements.

minimur121637d ago

I don't think this game need trophie really, I mean these games are supposed to get you immersed in what you're playing. Hearing that 'ding' and a sign popping up in the top right corner would break the immersion

KUV19771637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I totally disagree but you can always turn trophy-notifications off if they don't work for you.

whitefang19881637d ago

You clearly haven't done one bullet achievement in hl2 ep1 then. That's my most memorable achievement :-)

Omegasyde1637d ago

I don't mind single player trophies, but multiplayer trophies need to go unless it's like battlefield 4 and has you get a trophy for playing a game mode or getting to level 40.

mewhy321636d ago

this is a game that will scare the hair off you. LOL. I've seen preview videos and it's scarey.

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CBaoth1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

If you never played this before and like the old REs, especially Nemesis, you're in for a real treat. Best thing is you can't attack at all, just explore and run for cover. I would also recommend playin it on the hardest difficulty too as the default setting almost breaks the stealth mechanic in the game. You can't slosh through water without the AI hearing you for example, so you have to pick your hiding spots very carefully.

I don't quite understand people being critical about the blandness of the trophies. Just like Don't Starve, the PC releases of these games don't even feature Steam achievements.

admiralvic1637d ago

"I don't quite understand people being critical about the blandness of the trophies. Just like Don't Starve, the PC releases of these games don't even feature Steam achievements."

Like I mentioned with Don't Starve, they could have at least had some fun and or applied some effort. I mean, Skullgirls for instance also has a really bland trophy/achievement list, but the trophy/achievements are worded in a fun way.

"The Kitchen Sink

Throw everything at them, including..."

Instead of "As Peacock, have all 23 items drop from the sky". They could have done the same with Don't Starve or just made them gibberish that makes no sense. I mean, most of them are just unlocked by playing, so it could be some nonsensical explanation, which would have made the list a little more exciting.

bub161637d ago

no plat trophy either, what a shame :(

DigitalRaptor1637d ago

Hey, I'm disappointed, but grateful it has Trophies at all.

It has no Steam Achievements.

erathaol1637d ago

Is one named Trophy?

Click Achievement in the Stanley Parable was the best thing ever!

Gamesgbkiller1637d ago

Guess what.. this game is banned in my country :(

liquidhalos1637d ago

I'm sorry to hear that dude. Out of interest sake, what country are you in? Your profile file doesn't say.

Banning games is pure Bull, there are way more important things to tackle that have real effects on the world, like the trade in Chinese medicine for example. Loads of species made extinct for muti. But we will ban games instead. Pathetic.

I hope you manage to find a way around this. Perhaps try setting your psn to a different region?

Gamesgbkiller1637d ago

Saudi Arabia.

I could change to my other account but no plus :(

mt1637d ago

If you have US PS+ no one can ban this game from you.

Gamesgbkiller1636d ago

The game banned in my region (SA).

I have US account but without Plus :(

MestreRothN4G1637d ago

Meaningless collectibles. Ugh! Why do devs still do this bs when a lot of games have already shown how to do it right?

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