PS3 Exclusive JRPG Ar Nosurge Gets Beautiful Opening Cutscene

The PS3 exclusive JRPG Ar Nosurge will hit the shelves in Japan on March 6th, and today Gust released the opening cutscene of the game.

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pompombrum1703d ago

Is this game related to the Ar Tonelico series? That opening definitely has a distinctive Ar Tonelico feel to it.

drizzom1702d ago

So is this music style still called Hymnos? I absolutely love it. Its very distinct but I haven't been sure of what to call it. It just really reminds me of Ar Tonelicos Hymnos music.

Magnus1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

God I hope this game is related to Ar Tonelico. It sounds like they are using Akiko Shikata as the main sining voice to the game. I hope I get to enjoy my favorite Reyvateils again. Just when I was going to retire my PS3 after the release of FF X HD remake and The Tales of Symphonia HD remake and Tales of Xillia 2. They had to announce this I guess my PS3 is not going with out a fight and this game is a must. Turns out this Ar NoSurge is a prequel to the Ar Tonelico franchise. Means no Aurica Nestmille for me oh well still stoked about this game.

LiViNgLeGaCY1702d ago

Don't forget Tales of Zestiria!!

Magnus1701d ago

I didn't even know about Tales of Zestiria. Thanks for mentioning that title I'll have to look it up.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1695d ago

Im a huge fan of Ar Tonelico! BRING IT TO THE WEST PLEASE!!!