3DS Exclusive Monster Hunter 4G Announced with First Trailer; No Wii U Version Mentioned For Now

During the Monster Hunter Festa 2013 Finals currently being held in Tokyo, Capcom announced Monster Hunter 4G, coming this fall exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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EcoSos31668d ago

This game needs to come over here now!!!

YoungPlex1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

YES, YES, YEEEEESSSSSS! I can't wait! MH3 was amazing and also MHFU which I'm still playing on my Vita. I would've liked a Vita version as well but I'm just happy we're getting it here in the US period!

(edit): Oh scratch that just read it though I'm happy it's 4G I'm still disappointed it has yet to come to the west. Jumped the gun there... I'm just eagerly waiting its announcement soon for the west.

YoungPlex1667d ago

@BlackWolf: Oh my goodness, I'm back on hype mode thanks so much for posting that link!!!!! I'm extremely happy now and only have to wait till early 2015 thanks so much, this made my day.

webeblazing1667d ago

huh why they didnt make this for wiiU

mii-gamer1668d ago

I hope this comes to the west.

And damn it Capcom - no love for Vita :(

Abriael1668d ago

I'm more surprised that there's no love for the Wii U.

No, wait, I'm not THAT surprised.

mii-gamer1668d ago

I wouldn't be surprised that a Wii U version is announced in the near future - it is more likely than a Vita version tbh.

webeblazing1667d ago

so instead of a console vers thats for the new systems, they are going to port the 3ds vers to wiiU and other later on? yep that sound like something that capcom would do

plmkoh1668d ago

Capcom at it's finest: announce an updated version of the same game that makes the current game completely obsolete less that 4 months post release.

fatalis951668d ago

Monster hunter games always have an import data option so you can pick up from where you left off.

killerluffy1231668d ago

I will only buy a 3ds xl if Capcom confirm to localize monster hunter 4 this year , or I will just stick with my Freedom Wars (vita)

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The story is too old to be commented.