The 10 Most Anticipated Horror Games Of 2014

BD writes: At the beginning of each new year I like to take a look at the horror games we have to look forward to and thanks to the long awaited arrival of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, 2014 has a lot of horror games that are worth getting excited over. I’ve looked through the games that have been announced — I’m sure there are plenty waiting to be revealed later this year — and found some of the ones that I think need to be on your radar, if they aren’t already.

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hankmoody1754d ago

Among the Sleep is a fantastic idea! Surprised something like this wasn't made sooner.

minimur121754d ago

Lmao, is TWD Telltale a horror game?

SaturdayNightBeaver1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Its amazing and i felt horror while playing that alpha earlier which is super awesome lol. Hope it comes soon

erathaol1754d ago

"Murdered: Soul Suspect" would be mine. Its more a Thriller/Horror but something about that game looks intriguing, plus I hope there is a puzzle element to the afterlife investigation.

CocoWolfie1754d ago

tbh i love police/detective games, theyre actually really enjoyable so thats got me too!

Decastis1754d ago

...and YES! Survival/Horror games are coming back!

Go PS4!

SaturdayNightBeaver1754d ago

what does ps4 have to do with horror games?

prettyboy121754d ago

pretty sure hes just happy to have a ps4,i mean who wouldnt be??still cant find one in the states

lonelyplayer1754d ago

Demon's souls was more horror than dark souls. Remember the tower of latria?

R3ddBuddah1753d ago

That level can burn! Most hated level in any game i've ever played. so annoying.. and those damn octopus head monster witch thingys ... creepy.