Fate Cast News: Vita Slim Coming to America & Shadow of Mordor A Ripoff?

Be sure to tune in this week for details on Shadow of Mordor, Vita Slim coming to the US and Europe, along stories about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, and Bound by Flame.

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mrpsychoticstalker1703d ago

Why? I thought the Vita was already dying. Psp all over again.

KabalsHookblades1703d ago

Um, the PSP never died, it sold over 80 million units, it may have had lulls in the sales, but like I said 80 million units.

UltimateMaster1702d ago

Yeah, it sold somewhat more than the Xbox 360, multiple times the original Xbox.
I wouldn't call the PSP a failure by any means.

LoliconMaster1703d ago

PSP was a massive success so I hope the Vita is the Psp "All over again".....

kB01702d ago

I wouldn't call it a success...but it faired much better than people thought.

It was truly a very advanced portable for it's time and had some of the most memorable jrpg, Strat rpgs and action games I've ever played.

Syphon filter, MGS games, racing, and Digaea/persona series rocked on the system:)

kB01702d ago

I dont get this's an article about tuning in this week?

This is starting to feel like commercials between