Ocarina of Time Has Now Been Mapped in Full Isometric View

ZI writes: Have I talked about how awesome the Zelda fan base has been lately? Between Majora's Mask on the GameBoy to a short film... and heck another short film, they have really been on top of their game. Now we have this, the entirety of Ocarina of Time mapped out in full isometric view. This sort of viewpoint is most useful for things like guides and walkthroughs, but it's such a tedious and arduous task that we rarely get to see a full game completed like this. Peardian from VGMaps has painstakingly pulled this off over a full two year stretch.

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gravelchalice1700d ago

Absolutely amazing work! The dedication is incredible! As a fan of the game and series, I love seeing what talented fans can achieve. The video game industry is lucky to have the adulation of people like this.