Apple TV Versus Console Gaming: New Challenger Approaching?

If Apple TV proves to be a viable platform for gaming, what does this mean for the gaming industry? Apple TV may have the qualities to compete.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1392d ago

What does it mean for the gaming industry? It will go all to hell is what will happen. It will just be a bunch of crappy App Store games like Candy Crush and all that junk.

GamerXD1392d ago

Indeed. This 'gaming' they talking about? Just a bunch of apps that 6 year old's like to play.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1392d ago

Yea and a bunch of so called F2P games or as I like to call it give us everything you got to fully enjoy the game. F2P is ok with some console games like Warframe for example. I'd still rather just pay and enjoy a full game at it's fullest though.

phallusitator1392d ago

That's the same attitude that the big 3 had 7 years ago about mobile gaming too... and now look.
Plus if it's through apple TV it may be possible to stream your mac games too which will mean bigger games. Old games yea, but not just apps.

TheVideoGamHer1392d ago

My mind would be completely blown if Apple entered as a competitor to the console market. I’m intrigued to say the least. It’s crazy how people underestimate mobile and gaming by other means that aren’t by dedicated consoles. I don’t think that console gaming would become obsolete, but people shouldn’t outright dismiss that they can co-exist. Remember when Sony and then Microsoft entered the market? People thought it was nuts that companies that aren’t dedicated game makers could compete with Sega and Nintendo. Now look lol.

ngecenk1392d ago

do you really think that huge companies like EA and Ubisoft care about the game? as long as it gives the money, they dont care how you'd call it.

iOS have more game compared to 360, ps3, and wii, combined. and it sells more too. the problem with consoles is the market is dominated with well known franchise/developer/publisher. there is little to no chance for small devs like ours to survive.

mmc-0071392d ago

smartphone are the new handhelds, you know what happens with handheld gamers over time? They become console/pc gamers, like we all did.

wsoutlaw871392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

They have been saying this for a while. No one is leaving their consoles or pc to play some candy crush. The people that are playing these are very small kids and people like my mom. Ya people get them on there phone for when they are out but they arent in competition. If anything apple tv will create more console gamers. It doesnt even have a real controller.

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DC7771392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

This article is too vague since Apple TV already has a box.

stavrami-mk21392d ago

mobile games on 52" sony bravia 3D ..... now were talking, thats why i purchased it candy crush in all its glory ............lets face it if people play mobile games and don't play consoles its not because its better ,it's because they enjoy crappy app games .the only way it hurts it is by devs seeing these apps suck money out of people like a money sucking vampires then deciding to implement it,,, i am talking to you free 2 play and micro's........

Remy_S1392d ago

If they ever enter the console market I hope they get absolutely destroyed. We don't need their brand of "gaming".

Rageanitus1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

I do not mind if there is more competition in the gaming scene.

But What I am afraid of are the Sheep who make the hardware better than it really is.

It is the fanboys that ruin the experience. One thing about apple is they have brainwashed to make their followers think certain features were created by apple, or it is OK to buy overpriced hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.